Mobile VOIP on the Go: Cheap calls without internet

Jaxtr VOIP is a leading name in mobile VOIP now, its Jaxtr software for mobile phones allows anybody in the world to make free Jaxtr to Jaxtr VOIP call,

Now Jaxtr has introduced another marvel in the mobile VOIP technology and this is: VoIP Call on go, like if any person do not have the PC or net access, OR even he do not have GPRS / 3G or Internet access on his mobile OR he holds an old fashioned mobile which is not smart windows or Java mobile: he still could dial cheap or low cost unlimited international calls from his existing mobile or even from a landline too, to the rest of the world,


Jaxtr VOIP has 150+ toll free worldwide phone numbers, Initially for one time at least you have to go Jaxtr site and choose a toll free phone number which is best suitable or is nearest to your location,

Than one has to make dial that toll free phone number to make VOIP phone call to anywhere in the world and type in the number you want to call.

For making a free VOIP phone call one has to wait a bit on phone, as a text message / SMS is being aired to the guy you are calling and this SMS than informs him that 'you' are trying to make a call to him, that SMS will offer a local calling number to your calling party so he may get connected to you,

That phone number which you both make dialed also can be used in future any time to reach each other thereafter and so on,

This is an addenda to Jaxtr VOIP's existing FreeConnect mobile VOIP Service which was launched recently to make free mobile to mobile VOIP call: Jaxtr to Jaxtr anywhere in the world, if that country is supported by Jaxtr…

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