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Turkey based Tuitalk (a brand of ARGELA-USA, Inc.) is a powerful concept of a totally free voice VOIP / mobile VOIP = MOIP calling services and it earns its compensation / revenue only via multimedia or video advertisements.

Tuitalk directs its advertisers to a whole new direct channel to a desirable demographic & a unique ad management technology. So Tuitalk is not just a telecom operator but it’s a partner for the telecom operators!

Tuitalk VOIP allows approx 6 minutes (it can increased a bit read their website) of free calls each day, Free international / local or long distance-domestic voice phone call to more than 40 countries from almost anywhere in the world where there is the internet access, just with an Internet connection and PC, or WINDOWS BASED mobile to ANY landline or ANY mobile phone, thus Tuitalk a Turkey (and US based) Co. even allows to dial free phone call between windows based mobile to ANY landline or mobile and you are also now allowed to dial free VOIP mobile phone call to guys living in U.S., Canada, China, India, and more from windows (Vista or XP) based PC or windows based mobile like of HTC etc,

Tuitalk free VOIP call users have to download its free softphone software to respective Windows PC or Windows smart mobile phone to dial free international / domestic mobile - landline VOIP phone calls.

Free VoIP voice call supported platforms:

Make free VOIP voice call with Windows (Vista or XP) based PC, or Windows based SMART mobile phones like HTC etc (to any landline or mobile phone, the receiving party need not to have a PC or windows based expensive smart mobile phone any ordinary mobile or landline can receive free calls) ... and Apple iPhone too is coming soon,

To dial a free mobile phone call you should have a 3G connectivity on mobile phone or a broadband internet connectivity over Wi-Fi / Hotspots etc, as this works on VOIP concept which means VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL,

Tuitalk VOIP telco uses IMS model (IP Multimedia Subsystem), the IMS technology was first envisage for 3G cellular networks, as they say: "it carves out a service layer on top of a telecommunications network as a completely separable infrastructure, which can simultaneously connect to many operators telecommunications infrastructures and rapidly offer similar service capabilities (such as ad playing) without further work on the telecommunications network. The signalling technology used between the tuitalk client and tuitalk servers uses open protocols."

Its all 100% free multimedia video Ads based patent pending VOIP voice call technology, no debit card or credit card or net banking info is needed, just use it and forget and than do it daily : )

FYI: recently, Tuitalk has added China, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore to its list of nations and now here too we are allowed to dial Tuitalk mobile to mobile free VOIP ads based calls. Before it was only available to the US & Canada.

So in much demand, India - India / Int'l (in 40 nations) but approx 6 minutes a day: free VOIP from PC or SMART-WINDOWS mobile to ANY mobile / landline calls are possible now but need to have 3G or broadband over Wi-Fi, you have to bear 3G or broadband charges,

Just to summarize: make a free call via Tuitalk – either from windows based SMART mobile phone or PC / laptop – you have to watch a short length multimedia / video advertisement.

Also for parent country Turkey (and India too), free VOIP mobile / landline phone call one can dial international VoIP calls from anywhere in the world to Turkey / India. But right now Tuitalk will not be available for dial free VOIP voice calls from Turkey and India, amazing : )


List of nations where free VOIP mobile / PC voice calling is allowed:

CANADA1landlines & mobile
CHINA86landlines & mobile
CZECH REPUBLIC420landlines
HONG KONG852landlines & mobile
land lines
land lines & mobile
KOREA (SOUTH) 82landlines & mobile
MALAYSIA60landlines & mobile
PUERTO RICO, U.S.1landlines
SINGAPORE65landlines & mobile
U.S.A. including Alaska and Hawaii1landlines & mobile
VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. land lines

One thing I would like to mention about Tuitalk and why its better than mobile VOIP, , Fring or Barablu etc and generally all mobile VOIP providers allows free VOIP mobile call within their own users network like FRING TO FRING etc but with Tuitalk you are free to call with your smart mobile or PC to any user having landline or ANY mobile, yeah your user need not to have internet, pc or an expensive smart mobile one can receive call on any mobile phone in nations where incoming calls on mobile phones are permitted by Tuitalk, its great and true mobility in its sense,



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