Make local rates VOIP call from Ireland to Philippines

Local rates VOIP Call: Ireland-Filipino

With Bayan Family Ties / Blueface, one can make local call from Ireland (mobile or landline) to Philippines (Filipino / Pinoy-mobile or landline), no need to dial very expensive international call tariffs, just a flat monthly tariff to make unlimited local call to Philippines,

It still works for your family and friends in Philippines, even if you resides in Ireland, still you can get this family Bayan local calling plan for your family in Philippines, you have to dial a local access number in Ireland to reach yours, who are living in Philippines,

Also yours family living in the Philippines will get a landline phone and than can make unlimited local calls with no extra charges,

Try this for global free call (Free €1 trial calls are only for users in Republic of Ireland), first just download and Configure there Softphone (a softphone works with VOIP),

Also BlueFace has a virtual mini PBX and DID Virtual Number plans, means your DID # or Direct Inward dialing can have you virtual local numbers in any country, so your callers in many countries can make you a local call from there which all DID #s will be directed to your actual phone number, so your international callers will never to pay for the hefty international calling tariffs, instead they will call you cheap and unlimited from many international destinations, at local tariffs,

BlueFace is also Fring compatible means free unlimited international mobile voice calling, Fring to Fring : )

About BlueFace: Blueface is an award winning VOIP provider in Dublin, Ireland, Europe since 2004. It offers, call conferencing,, and online call management etc, its customer care is said to be good...

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