JAVA-SIP-VOIP Free Call App for iPhone, iPod, MAC, Windows, Linux

This is what Germany (GmbH) based C2C guy says their latest innovation in VOIP as: break-through VoIP application for iPhone and web browsers,

FriendCaller SIP-VOIP-SoftPhone for Web and Apple iPhone / iPod :

"We developed with FriendCaller for Apple's iPhone / iPod touch a VoIP app that breaks down all barriers between different social networks, VoIP services and Operating Systems.

It does not matter anymore if your friends using Skype or Goggle talk, if they are on Facebook or MySpace, if they use Windows (XP, Vista), MAC or Linux, with FriendCaller you can call all of them for free, it works everywhere. FriendCaller makes Internet phone calls as easy as writing emails online.

FriendCaller VOIP app works with Windows, MAC, Linux and the iPhoneTM. FriendCaller is operated by C2Call GmbH, Werl, Germany.

You can send from the FriendCaller app or from website emails with Callme links to your friends, place a Callme button / applet in your profile or even copy a Callme link into your chat message on AIM, Syke, Google Talk, FaceBook....

Your friends just click on the link and can instantly talk to you without registering or installing any software, our C2Call (Click to call) technology is entirely Java based using the Java VM that comes with every PC and works with IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc. is ready to use and Apple's iPhone app has been submitted for Apple’s approval. Website and app work seamless together, you can use your FriendCaller account on iPhone/iPod, you can import contacts from your webmail or from iPhone contacts.


And you can call phone numbers world wide with very good rates from IPhone/iPod touch over WiFi or from our website, only 2 cent Euro per minute for most countries.

FriendCaller: No software installations is required, talk and connects to anybody on the internet instantly, also can call phones in the US and 35 other countries for 2 cents Euro per minute,

Please check it out; let us know if you want to take a look, we can provide you with an iPhone Beta version for evaluation.

Join Beta:


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