Free or Cheap VoIP Call to Any Phone: Skype To Go

Do you know that VOIP / Internet phone call carrier Skype from Estonia, an E-Bay company provides low cost / cheap / free international VOIP phone calls that could be dialed from any phone (cell or mobile / land line) and not only from PC / laptop?

Well, this cheap international calling VOIP service from Skype is termed as: Skype To Go! And it provides you a Skype to Go calling number, and you can dial from any landline or mobile while on go, to the rest of the world,

Skype to Go calling number is available to all Skype users and its useful while on the move, when you are on the Go, just use and dial Skype To Go number from and that is too from any (yes ANY) phone or mobile to make free or cheap call to your buddies or your business abroad.

These Skype To Go numbers are local national numbers, so it means that you have to pay only the low or free Skype rates for the international calls you are dialling,

Skype (VOIP) to Go numbers are available while calling from these nations:

Australia Chile Denmark Estonia Finland Ireland New Zealand Poland Sweden United Kingdom USA (I am sorry, not to see Canada here),

It’s truly the cheap international calling on go by mobile using Skype credit and subscription and is available to all Skype VOIP users in the world,

Skype Advise: "Important: Avoid international call fees by only using mobiles and landlines in the same country as your Skype To Go number."

The Skype to Go VOIP calling is good for the users on move / travelers on the Go or guys who roam in above mentioned countries, as they can use their available Skype credits to make a super low cost or ultra cheap per minute international VOIP phone call from any phone or mobile using Skype to Go calling number, the voice call could be even low as 2.1¢ per minute, and this cost will be deducted from your Skype balance,

Even you can make a free Skype VOIP call on go or while roaming in the above nations if you already have a monthly subscription package from Skype VOIP like one world unlimited calling, Unlimited Europe calling or one country unlimited calling etc, than Skype to Go will allow you to make literally a free VOIP call while on move from any cell or landline (as you already have the monthly subscription), just use your Skype to Go calling number and make free VOIP Skype call to your pals and buddies all around the globe,


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