Call Europe with low cost VoIP: Skype Unlimited

Cheap VOIP Call Europe- Skype Unlimited: 21 Countries @ £2.95/month (£3.39 incl. VAT)

An Advertisement I just watched at Adsense-Ads by Google about this fantastic Cheap VoIP Skype calls to the Europe, I always am a big admirer of VOIP leader Skype, the E-Bay company from Estonians!

Skype to Skype unlimited International Video VOIP calls at PC to PC or supported mobile handsets / PDAs are always free from anywhere to anywhere, these P2P VOIP call quality is superb after the Skype version 4.0 for windows, it uses SILK wide band audio codec which gives superior voice quality with an unforgettable video calling experience,

Well guys, who need to make an UNLIMITED international Europe call (21 nations), should use Skype VOIP cheap / low cost calls, Skype VOIP has 400 million registered global users and they are increasing telescopically each second,

Unlimited Europe (21 European nations) call plan for Skype is really very cheap and comes for only £2.95/month (£3.39 incl. VAT, no long term contract) and Skype voice-video call quality is superb, I recommend to download latest version of Skype like, Skype 4.0 for a great audio and video calling quality, sound is just like that two persons are talking in the same noiseless room : ) I bet, physical distances do not matter here,

An Unlimited Europe (21 countries) VOIP cheap call subscription includes: unlimited call at Europe's landlines (21 countries), you can ask your contacts, friends and family to make a call to your Skype directly and a number you can use to make call Europe contacts abroad from any landline or mobile, you can call these Europeans at any time and at any day unlimited for free as you had already paid for an unlimited monthly flat rate VOIP, (You also will get one online number: SKYPE-IN so anybody can call you even he do not use Skype and also you get call forwarding and voicemail facility so none of your call is missed)

Skype VoIP Call Unlimited to landlines in 21 Europe countries from anywhere, it cuts Europe's / international roaming and saves money while travelling and need to make a phone call in Europe,

The list of nations where unlimited free Europe VOIP call, Skype plan works:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg)

Skype's Fair Usage Policy: "A fair usage policy applies. Excludes service, special, premium and non-geographic numbers. And only to numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03 if you’re calling the UK."


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