Call for Free with Skype VOIP to New Zealand-Yellow Business Directories

After making it for FREE VOIP Skype calling to US biz directory (Skype VOIP call is free to all listed businesses) service 411USA now Skype VOIP free call now heads towards New Zealand's (NZ) business directory yellow pages (all listed businesses) for three months!

Yeah New Zealand's Yellow Pages biz directory has agreed with VOIP Skype to offers free and UNLIMITED and any number of free Skype VOIP to phone call (mobile / landline) to all listed businesses in its directory for three months in New Zealand!

The catch is that you should have or to make download the latest version of VOIP leader & E-Bay's brand, The Skype's version 4.0 (which uses P2P- SILK audio codec of Skype and has wonderful quality for its voice and video calls!)...and you can make absolutely free calls in New Zeland to the business listed in the yellow pages with popular soft phone or Internet phone-Skype, the deal is up to June 10, 2009 and may be extended if Yellow pages deems it to be a popular feature! Fingers are crossed, it may be even become a NZs permanent feature to call free via Skype if Yellow and Skype seems this nuptial knot to be beneficial for their own businesses too : )

Skype VOIP users will have an access to New Zeeland’s business advertisers list in the New Zealand; they also can search their desired biz contact info from Skype Directory which is within Skype 4.0 client.

Skype VOIP or digital Internet call from a PC to a PSTN landline is approx 4 Euro-cents so one can save a good funds to call free over Skype VOIP to NZ yellow Pages,

Now Google’s own Google Voice too has arrived and this may be a challenge for Skype in coming times if not now, Google’s Voice is giving free US phone calls, cheap International calls than Skype and one and only UNIFIED no. for all phones etc, and many more features like voice mail transcript to email etc, so Skype’s stronghold seems to be at stake for the first time as this could be a big VOIP ‘war’ of two Internet titans viz.: Ebay’s Skype and Internet’s King THE GOOGLE : )


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