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SIP Call using iPod; Skype-Twitter Supported




VOIP software that turns an Apple iPod Touch into an iPhone: VOIP-SIP Calling (This mobile VOIP software is available on iTunes App Store, its free, it requires iPhone software 2.0)

Nimbuzz.com provides software for mobile phone VOIP calls; Apple iPhone VoIP is becoming popular and now there is an another VOIP innovation; this new new mobile phone software / application has the ability to turn an Apple iPod Touch into a FREE Wi-Fi calling (to land lines / Mobiles) VOIP device over Wi-Fi networks. This latest buzz in VOIP software technology also supports Skype and Twitter micro blogging platforms!

This Nimbuzz's free VOIP calling software can dial a phone voice call to any landline / mobile number, thus this lowcost or cheap VOIP call at Apple iPod bridge over 3G is getting social among internet social networks....

FYI: Apple prohibits the use of VOIP on 3G using the iPhone/iPod Touch. The reason Nimbuzz provides a solution to be able to utilize voice over IP even with the 3G restriction, without using 3G.

One can call instant messenger buddies with Dial-Up VOIP (local number/local cost call regardless where in the world you call) and calling landlines and mobile numbers by using Wi-Fi to connect with VOIP services like SIP and SkypeOut (cheap rates with third party). Only when using these third party VOIP services on Wi-Fi is it possible to use the Dial-Pad or phonebook to call a landline or mobile phone number.

...and thus they say, this Nimbuzz VOIP app at Apple iPod works as a bridge between a 3G cellular network and voice over IP!

Using this Nimbuzz mobile voice call VOIP application with Apple iPod, the Apple iPod users now can also use Skype Out for making low cost phone calls to the land lines and mobile phones too : )

For Apple iPhone users who do not have an access to a WiFi connection can also dial VoIP calls using Nimbuzz's buddy dial-up VOIP service.

What is a dial-up VOIP? It simply means that Nimbuzz dial up software dial pad dials a local / national access number and it than connects to anywhere in the world via servers of Nimbuzz VoIP, that’s why one can make a cheap VOIP call to his Nimbuzz buddies anywhere in the world for the cost of a domestic phone call.

Popular mobile VOIP software maker, The Nimbuzz's dial up service has a reach to over 50 nations. This dial up software holds a cute dial pad while one has to use VOIP Skype Out for making voice calls to landlines or mobile phones. Nimbuzz has 10 VoIP partners that includes big name in VOIP industry like Gizmo5, Vyke, SIPgate and A1,


Nimbuzz mobile VOIP also supports some new features like Twitter updates, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, IM, online chat, location sharing, group calling, file sharing, chat rooms etc,

Thus Nimbuzz clearly had emerged as a mobile VOIP app / software provider to make free international calls and also it has become a name and phenomenon in mobile online applications for social messaging communications.

The Nimbuzz mobile / VoIP application is free and is available for the mobile, Internet or laptop / PC.

Nimbuzz mobile VOIP is growing day by day and recently it had signed a deal with StudiVZ, the biggest German speaking social networking site , and also another agreement with Italy's Banzai Group’s Giovani.it, one of the the biggest, in Europe’s hottest telecom markets, Europe is getting addicted to VOIP now after USA its now France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, UK and many more European nations are switching to VOIP and MOIP (mobile VOIP) as it is always cost effective and is the future!

Nimbuzz Headquarter is in the Netherlands, and offices in Argentina and Brazil with global geo presence,

Fine Print: Like Skype P2P, the Nimbuzz VOIP eats / uses your internet connection, so data charges from your telco will apply. That’s why use the mobile VOIP with a flat rate data plan / free Wi-Fi connection-Hot Spots etc,

Call and chat with your Giovani friends in Italy



Mobile VOIP = MOIP



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Hi, Thanks for this information, I have read several news about Nimbuzz, but I like the way you described it, I think that iPod app is one of the best application. I came to know that Vopium is also coming up with iPod application soon, do you have any idea?

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