Unlimited Cheap Global VOIP Call to Mobiles and Land lines

Truphone (mobile internet network operator) which provides mobile VOIP unlimited worldwide calling has introduced the cheap flat rate /low cost VOIP call to landlines and mobile internationally / globally with very cheap or low cost calling rates,

The wireless and telecom world is going through a transition where more and more regular or PSTN customers are edging towards the cutting edge VOIP or broadband Internet telephony!

Traditional PSTN operators / carriers are in red face against VOIP providers by the fear of huge revenue losses, that’s why when Skype announced its presence on Nokia's N 97 than many cellular operators were upset in US / UK etc,

Now Truphone has introduced cheap unlimited flat rates VOIP calling to landline or mobile via mobile phone, this will cause another stir in the pot and as VOIP is taking away the huge telecom growing biz and revenues of PSTN operators, this will certainly cause an uproar among traditional phone carriers who are NOT VOIP,

Truphone's cheap unlimited world calling plans are as:

1. TruUnlimited for Landlines: Truphone will give an unlimited phone call to the landlines in 38 nations a for a flat monthly rates of £10 / $17, This plan also includes complimentary and introductory VOIP calls to even mobiles calling to few nations viz.: Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Macau, Mariana Islands, Singapore, Thailand, USA at no additional charges,

2. TruUnlimited for Mobiles: The guys who are frequent callers and love to make calls at mobiles only than than this mobile VOIP calling unlimited flat rate plan provides an unlimited call to mobiles 64 nations, and also includes the unlimited calls to landlines too, and all just for £25 / $40 per month, and they say call and voice quality is good, no lengthy long term contracts,

Nations included in this TruUnlimited for Mobiles plan are the landline and cellular numbers in: American Samoa, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Cyprus (North), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Mariana Islands, Mayotte, Mexico, Mongolia, Montserrat, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkmenistan, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Uzbekistan.

To use these cheap unlimted VOIP flat rates monthly plans from Truphone, one should have Apple-iPhone, Nokia's Symbian N / E Series handsets, Google Android G1, RIM-BlackBerry Messenger smart phones etc,

Than one has to download for free, Truphone's VOIP mobile application software on mobile handset, that’s it and you are ready to call the world for cheap unlimited prices at mobile or landline VOIP using your own existing SIM and mobile phone,

How to make cheap unlimited international VOIP call with Truphone:

You can make cheap unlimited VOIP calls over Wi-Fi (good for Nokia, iPod touch and iPhone)


Non Wi-Fi (good for Nokia, iPhone, G1 and BlackBerry) via using Truphone Anywhere

FYI: Wi-Fi calls to your another online Truphone contacts are 100% free, from anywhere to anywhere,








Mobile VOIP; Skype for iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, Nokia, Windows Mobile, PSP, PC



It seems Skype has 'SKYPED' like the Sky & swept whole of the world now, wireless communication is the monopoly of P2P Skype VOIP, the E-Bay company which hails from Estonia (Europe),

‘Googling’ and ‘Skyping’ are the daily routine chores of any Netizen now!

VOIP International call are free within Skype users, anywhere in the world and PC to PC the unlimited VOICE-VIDEO call could be done using broadband Internet or Voice over Internet protocol,

Now the great thing is that Skype VOIP is also coming to BlackBerry handsets (RIM) by May 2009, this is well expected by the VOIP watchers and Pundits,

Skype VOIP is now officially available for iPhone (Apple) and one can download it FREE from Apple iTune Apps store or from Skype website, than iPhone users can make (over Wi-Fi, hot spots, no 3G sorry) free VOIP-Skype international unlimited calling (Skype to Skype) and also could make cheap unlimited global call using Skype Out credits or with a suitable subscription plan,


Skype for iPhone shoots to number one:


Unfortunately iPhone users currently could not make the Skype VOIP Video calling as Skype is very sensitive to its calling quality and video quality and it will only allow to make Video call over iPhone when its ready that the video quality means 'quality' to the VOIP users,

Skype VOIP call can also be made via Apple iPod in the same way using Wi-Fi, but here the users will need earphones with an embedded microphone for voice calling,

Skype VOIP is already available on Windows mobile and its latest mobile software versions could be downloaded for free from Skype VOIP website,

Skype will come embedded on Nokia N97 soon now and thus one could dial free Skype to Skype call directly from his Nokia N-97 too,

Skype VOIP also could be dialled using Fring, Nimbuzz and TruPhone etc mobile software for windows mobile,

'Skype on Go' is an another useful variant from Skype VOIP world leader, using Skype on Go one could make free to low cost international VOIP voice call from ANY mobile or landline, it saves on international roaming too,







Free or Cheap VoIP Call to Any Phone: Skype To Go



Do you know that VOIP / Internet phone call carrier Skype from Estonia, an E-Bay company provides low cost / cheap / free international VOIP phone calls that could be dialed from any phone (cell or mobile / land line) and not only from PC / laptop?

Well, this cheap international calling VOIP service from Skype is termed as: Skype To Go! And it provides you a Skype to Go calling number, and you can dial from any landline or mobile while on go, to the rest of the world,

Skype to Go calling number is available to all Skype users and its useful while on the move, when you are on the Go, just use and dial Skype To Go number from and that is too from any (yes ANY) phone or mobile to make free or cheap call to your buddies or your business abroad.

These Skype To Go numbers are local national numbers, so it means that you have to pay only the low or free Skype rates for the international calls you are dialling,

Skype (VOIP) to Go numbers are available while calling from these nations:

Australia Chile Denmark Estonia Finland Ireland New Zealand Poland Sweden United Kingdom USA (I am sorry, not to see Canada here),

It’s truly the cheap international calling on go by mobile using Skype credit and subscription and is available to all Skype VOIP users in the world,

Skype Advise: "Important: Avoid international call fees by only using mobiles and landlines in the same country as your Skype To Go number."

The Skype to Go VOIP calling is good for the users on move / travelers on the Go or guys who roam in above mentioned countries, as they can use their available Skype credits to make a super low cost or ultra cheap per minute international VOIP phone call from any phone or mobile using Skype to Go calling number, the voice call could be even low as 2.1¢ per minute, and this cost will be deducted from your Skype balance,

Even you can make a free Skype VOIP call on go or while roaming in the above nations if you already have a monthly subscription package from Skype VOIP like one world unlimited calling, Unlimited Europe calling or one country unlimited calling etc, than Skype to Go will allow you to make literally a free VOIP call while on move from any cell or landline (as you already have the monthly subscription), just use your Skype to Go calling number and make free VOIP Skype call to your pals and buddies all around the globe,


Skype VoIP




Skype Mobile VOIP App for Apple iPhone



Update (Its there now):


Skype for iPhone shoots to number one:


A strong rumour is circulating within VOIP circles nowadays that Skype free and cheap unlimited international mobile calling App is coming to Apple iPhone mobile now,

Skype (Peer to Peer or P2P and IM) the Ebay's VOIP Company is finishing its home work to announce this formally very soon, reports says,

Skype already has mobile VOIP version 2.5 and Skype VOIP for mobile version 3.0 for windows etc mobile and though Skype VOIP free to cheap call could be made on Apple iPhone / iPod via FRING, Nimbuzz, TruPhone, etc mobile VOIP support software,

But now Skype's own official mobile software is going to launch for Apple iPhone like Skype Windows mobile VOIP software,

Wireless, mobile and VOIP are the next hottest tech arena in the communication technology and all of the future tech convergence is going to be or around wireless and VOIP centric as it grows now,

Cnet.com reports, but there could be some fine prints while Skype software for iPhone hits the Apple App store: the official Skype VOIP app for iPhone may perhaps be restricted to only Wi-Fi networks?! As we know Apple Inc. has done it in the past for third party services like Fring.com etc which also offers mobile phone call and access to Skype,

But lets see first, what is going to be unfolded by Skype the world leader in international voice calling ranging between low cost to absolutely free, Skype is really a nice and lifetime experience for anybody who need a phone call SANS boundaries,


About Skype

Mobile VOIP



Mobile VOIP on the Go: Cheap calls without internet


Jaxtr VOIP is a leading name in mobile VOIP now, its Jaxtr software for mobile phones allows anybody in the world to make free Jaxtr to Jaxtr VOIP call,

Now Jaxtr has introduced another marvel in the mobile VOIP technology and this is: VoIP Call on go, like if any person do not have the PC or net access, OR even he do not have GPRS / 3G or Internet access on his mobile OR he holds an old fashioned mobile which is not smart windows or Java mobile: he still could dial cheap or low cost unlimited international calls from his existing mobile or even from a landline too, to the rest of the world,





Jaxtr VOIP has 150+ toll free worldwide phone numbers, Initially for one time at least you have to go Jaxtr site Jaxtr.com and choose a toll free phone number which is best suitable or is nearest to your location,


Than one has to make dial that toll free phone number to make VOIP phone call to anywhere in the world and type in the number you want to call.

For making a free VOIP phone call one has to wait a bit on phone, as a text message / SMS is being aired to the guy you are calling and this SMS than informs him that 'you' are trying to make a call to him, that SMS will offer a local calling number to your calling party so he may get connected to you,

That phone number which you both make dialed also can be used in future any time to reach each other thereafter and so on,

This is an addenda to Jaxtr VOIP's existing FreeConnect mobile VOIP Service which was launched recently to make free mobile to mobile VOIP call: Jaxtr to Jaxtr anywhere in the world, if that country is supported by Jaxtr…

3G Mobile VOIP; Wi-Fi & SIP Call from iPod

SIP Call using iPod; Skype-Twitter Supported




VOIP software that turns an Apple iPod Touch into an iPhone: VOIP-SIP Calling (This mobile VOIP software is available on iTunes App Store, its free, it requires iPhone software 2.0)

Nimbuzz.com provides software for mobile phone VOIP calls; Apple iPhone VoIP is becoming popular and now there is an another VOIP innovation; this new new mobile phone software / application has the ability to turn an Apple iPod Touch into a FREE Wi-Fi calling (to land lines / Mobiles) VOIP device over Wi-Fi networks. This latest buzz in VOIP software technology also supports Skype and Twitter micro blogging platforms!

This Nimbuzz's free VOIP calling software can dial a phone voice call to any landline / mobile number, thus this lowcost or cheap VOIP call at Apple iPod bridge over 3G is getting social among internet social networks....

FYI: Apple prohibits the use of VOIP on 3G using the iPhone/iPod Touch. The reason Nimbuzz provides a solution to be able to utilize voice over IP even with the 3G restriction, without using 3G.

One can call instant messenger buddies with Dial-Up VOIP (local number/local cost call regardless where in the world you call) and calling landlines and mobile numbers by using Wi-Fi to connect with VOIP services like SIP and SkypeOut (cheap rates with third party). Only when using these third party VOIP services on Wi-Fi is it possible to use the Dial-Pad or phonebook to call a landline or mobile phone number.

...and thus they say, this Nimbuzz VOIP app at Apple iPod works as a bridge between a 3G cellular network and voice over IP!

Using this Nimbuzz mobile voice call VOIP application with Apple iPod, the Apple iPod users now can also use Skype Out for making low cost phone calls to the land lines and mobile phones too : )

For Apple iPhone users who do not have an access to a WiFi connection can also dial VoIP calls using Nimbuzz's buddy dial-up VOIP service.

What is a dial-up VOIP? It simply means that Nimbuzz dial up software dial pad dials a local / national access number and it than connects to anywhere in the world via servers of Nimbuzz VoIP, that’s why one can make a cheap VOIP call to his Nimbuzz buddies anywhere in the world for the cost of a domestic phone call.

Popular mobile VOIP software maker, The Nimbuzz's dial up service has a reach to over 50 nations. This dial up software holds a cute dial pad while one has to use VOIP Skype Out for making voice calls to landlines or mobile phones. Nimbuzz has 10 VoIP partners that includes big name in VOIP industry like Gizmo5, Vyke, SIPgate and A1,


Nimbuzz mobile VOIP also supports some new features like Twitter updates, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, IM, online chat, location sharing, group calling, file sharing, chat rooms etc,

Thus Nimbuzz clearly had emerged as a mobile VOIP app / software provider to make free international calls and also it has become a name and phenomenon in mobile online applications for social messaging communications.

The Nimbuzz mobile / VoIP application is free and is available for the mobile, Internet or laptop / PC.

Nimbuzz mobile VOIP is growing day by day and recently it had signed a deal with StudiVZ, the biggest German speaking social networking site , and also another agreement with Italy's Banzai Group’s Giovani.it, one of the the biggest, in Europe’s hottest telecom markets, Europe is getting addicted to VOIP now after USA its now France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, UK and many more European nations are switching to VOIP and MOIP (mobile VOIP) as it is always cost effective and is the future!

Nimbuzz Headquarter is in the Netherlands, and offices in Argentina and Brazil with global geo presence,

Fine Print: Like Skype P2P, the Nimbuzz VOIP eats / uses your internet connection, so data charges from your telco will apply. That’s why use the mobile VOIP with a flat rate data plan / free Wi-Fi connection-Hot Spots etc,

Call and chat with your Giovani friends in Italy



Mobile VOIP = MOIP



Call Europe with low cost VoIP: Skype Unlimited

Cheap VOIP Call Europe- Skype Unlimited: 21 Countries @ £2.95/month (£3.39 incl. VAT)

An Advertisement I just watched at Adsense-Ads by Google about this fantastic Cheap VoIP Skype calls to the Europe, I always am a big admirer of VOIP leader Skype, the E-Bay company from Estonians!

Skype to Skype unlimited International Video VOIP calls at PC to PC or supported mobile handsets / PDAs are always free from anywhere to anywhere, these P2P VOIP call quality is superb after the Skype version 4.0 for windows, it uses SILK wide band audio codec which gives superior voice quality with an unforgettable video calling experience,

Well guys, who need to make an UNLIMITED international Europe call (21 nations), should use Skype VOIP cheap / low cost calls, Skype VOIP has 400 million registered global users and they are increasing telescopically each second,

Unlimited Europe (21 European nations) call plan for Skype is really very cheap and comes for only £2.95/month (£3.39 incl. VAT, no long term contract) and Skype voice-video call quality is superb, I recommend to download latest version of Skype like, Skype 4.0 for a great audio and video calling quality, sound is just like that two persons are talking in the same noiseless room : ) I bet, physical distances do not matter here,

An Unlimited Europe (21 countries) VOIP cheap call subscription includes: unlimited call at Europe's landlines (21 countries), you can ask your contacts, friends and family to make a call to your Skype directly and a number you can use to make call Europe contacts abroad from any landline or mobile, you can call these Europeans at any time and at any day unlimited for free as you had already paid for an unlimited monthly flat rate VOIP, (You also will get one online number: SKYPE-IN so anybody can call you even he do not use Skype and also you get call forwarding and voicemail facility so none of your call is missed)


Skype VoIP Call Unlimited to landlines in 21 Europe countries from anywhere, it cuts Europe's / international roaming and saves money while travelling and need to make a phone call in Europe,

The list of nations where unlimited free Europe VOIP call, Skype plan works:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg)

Skype's Fair Usage Policy: "A fair usage policy applies. Excludes service, special, premium and non-geographic numbers. And only to numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03 if you’re calling the UK."




Call Free: Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, US, New Zealand Business Directories

Call for Free: Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, US, New Zealand Business Directories



Make VOIP Free International call to business directories-yellow-white pages (biz directories) for free in UK, Italy, US, New Zealand and many more European nations are coming soon to the free call list of business directories viz.: France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria etc.

In an agreement between the online biz directories: iCitta, (e premier directory, sells services in these European nations is a leading yellow pages or directory business) and www.sitofono.com , one can make a search for any listed businesses in any of the above nations and can make a free VOIP call as EACH listing will include there a click to call powered by Sitofono! Its cool to make a free international or local -national call to many businesses listed there,

Sitofon VOIP provides for websites and blogs click to call button / API / Applet!

iCitta Europe's online biz directories also provides a solution to embed / integrate their custom search engine in any website / blog, so the visitors can make easily a search and may call free any hotel, company, office etc. This feature is only available in Italy right now but may spread very soon to other European nations too : )

So next time when you need to make a business call, sure to use this free VOIP call and lower your phone bills, in this hard economic crunch times!

Links for, Find a Business: Yellow Pages Business Directories

Italy: http://www.icitta.it/

UK: http://www.icitta.co.uk/

France: http://www.icitta.fr/

Germany: http://www.icitta.de/

Spain: http://www.icitta.es/

Switzerland: http://www.icitta.ch/

Austria: http://www.icitta.at/


Global Roaming VoIP-SIM: Truphone

A SIM for international roaming, now travel with your cell phones, and make calls at local rates, keep the same mobile number anywhere




International Roaming with Mobile VOIP-SIM (subscriber identity module) card with Truphone at local rate calling from anywhere to anywhere, keep Same Mobile Number Anywhere:


JAVA-SIP-VOIP Free Call App for iPhone, iPod, MAC, Windows, Linux

This is what Germany (GmbH) based C2C guy says their latest innovation in VOIP as: break-through VoIP application for iPhone and web browsers,

FriendCaller SIP-VOIP-SoftPhone for Web and Apple iPhone / iPod :

"We developed with FriendCaller for Apple's iPhone / iPod touch a VoIP app that breaks down all barriers between different social networks, VoIP services and Operating Systems.

It does not matter anymore if your friends using Skype or Goggle talk, if they are on Facebook or MySpace, if they use Windows (XP, Vista), MAC or Linux, with FriendCaller you can call all of them for free, it works everywhere. FriendCaller makes Internet phone calls as easy as writing emails online.

FriendCaller VOIP app works with Windows, MAC, Linux and the iPhoneTM. FriendCaller is operated by C2Call GmbH, Werl, Germany.

You can send from the FriendCaller app or from FriendCaller.com website emails with Callme links to your friends, place a Callme button / applet in your profile or even copy a Callme link into your chat message on AIM, Syke, Google Talk, FaceBook....

Your friends just click on the link and can instantly talk to you without registering or installing any software, our C2Call (Click to call) technology is entirely Java based using the Java VM that comes with every PC and works with IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.

www.FriendCaller.com is ready to use and Apple's iPhone app has been submitted for Apple’s approval. Website and app work seamless together, you can use your FriendCaller account on iPhone/iPod, you can import contacts from your webmail or from iPhone contacts.



And you can call phone numbers world wide with very good rates from IPhone/iPod touch over WiFi or from our website, only 2 cent Euro per minute for most countries.

FriendCaller: No software installations is required, talk and connects to anybody on the internet instantly, also can call phones in the US and 35 other countries for 2 cents Euro per minute,

Please check it out; let us know if you want to take a look, we can provide you with an iPhone Beta version for evaluation.

Join Beta:





Mobile to Mobile Free Overseas VoIP Calls




Turkey based Tuitalk (a brand of ARGELA-USA, Inc.) is a powerful concept of a totally free voice VOIP / mobile VOIP = MOIP calling services and it earns its compensation / revenue only via multimedia or video advertisements.

Tuitalk directs its advertisers to a whole new direct channel to a desirable demographic & a unique ad management technology. So Tuitalk is not just a telecom operator but it’s a partner for the telecom operators!

Tuitalk VOIP allows approx 6 minutes (it can increased a bit read their website) of free calls each day, Free international / local or long distance-domestic voice phone call to more than 40 countries from almost anywhere in the world where there is the internet access, just with an Internet connection and PC, or WINDOWS BASED mobile to ANY landline or ANY mobile phone, thus Tuitalk a Turkey (and US based) Co. even allows to dial free phone call between windows based mobile to ANY landline or mobile and you are also now allowed to dial free VOIP mobile phone call to guys living in U.S., Canada, China, India, and more from windows (Vista or XP) based PC or windows based mobile like of HTC etc,

Tuitalk free VOIP call users have to download its free softphone software to respective Windows PC or Windows smart mobile phone to dial free international / domestic mobile - landline VOIP phone calls.


Free VoIP voice call supported platforms:

Make free VOIP voice call with Windows (Vista or XP) based PC, or Windows based SMART mobile phones like HTC etc (to any landline or mobile phone, the receiving party need not to have a PC or windows based expensive smart mobile phone any ordinary mobile or landline can receive free calls) ... and Apple iPhone too is coming soon,

To dial a free mobile phone call you should have a 3G connectivity on mobile phone or a broadband internet connectivity over Wi-Fi / Hotspots etc, as this works on VOIP concept which means VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL,

Tuitalk VOIP telco uses IMS model (IP Multimedia Subsystem), the IMS technology was first envisage for 3G cellular networks, as they say: "it carves out a service layer on top of a telecommunications network as a completely separable infrastructure, which can simultaneously connect to many operators telecommunications infrastructures and rapidly offer similar service capabilities (such as ad playing) without further work on the telecommunications network. The signalling technology used between the tuitalk client and tuitalk servers uses open protocols."

Its all 100% free multimedia video Ads based patent pending VOIP voice call technology, no debit card or credit card or net banking info is needed, just use it and forget and than do it daily : )

FYI: recently, Tuitalk has added China, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore to its list of nations and now here too we are allowed to dial Tuitalk mobile to mobile free VOIP ads based calls. Before it was only available to the US & Canada.

So in much demand, India - India / Int'l (in 40 nations) but approx 6 minutes a day: free VOIP from PC or SMART-WINDOWS mobile to ANY mobile / landline calls are possible now but need to have 3G or broadband over Wi-Fi, you have to bear 3G or broadband charges,

Just to summarize: make a free call via Tuitalk – either from windows based SMART mobile phone or PC / laptop – you have to watch a short length multimedia / video advertisement.

Also for parent country Turkey (and India too), free VOIP mobile / landline phone call one can dial international VoIP calls from anywhere in the world to Turkey / India. But right now Tuitalk will not be available for dial free VOIP voice calls from Turkey and India, amazing : )



List of nations where free VOIP mobile / PC voice calling is allowed:

CANADA1landlines & mobile
CHINA86landlines & mobile
CZECH REPUBLIC420landlines
HONG KONG852landlines & mobile
land lines
land lines & mobile
KOREA (SOUTH) 82landlines & mobile
MALAYSIA60landlines & mobile
PUERTO RICO, U.S.1landlines
SINGAPORE65landlines & mobile
U.S.A. including Alaska and Hawaii1landlines & mobile
VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. land lines

One thing I would like to mention about Tuitalk and why its better than mobile VOIP, www.FRING.com , Fring or Barablu etc and generally all mobile VOIP providers allows free VOIP mobile call within their own users network like FRING TO FRING etc but with Tuitalk you are free to call with your smart mobile or PC to any user having landline or ANY mobile, yeah your user need not to have internet, pc or an expensive smart mobile one can receive call on any mobile phone in nations where incoming calls on mobile phones are permitted by Tuitalk, its great and true mobility in its sense,







Widget for making free international VOIP calls from Blogs or WebSites


Good VOIP Free call news for blogs / website or web page owners, now you can offer your visitors to embed-make free international VOIP VOICE calls direct from your web property, its absolutely free VOIP calling (Advertisement based) and its international too,

Nothing to download, no microphone required, just phone to phone (your existing phone) VOIP free voice calls to global contacts, dial free calls from telephoon.blogspot.com from anywhere: cafe, home, office, so just remember this Site,

Thanks to POKETALK (of Parrot Media) which has released a VOIP free call widget / API / Applet (to integrate VOIP caling within your website), Poketalk is the Israel based VOIP company which is now a leader in offering totally free limited calling initiating from 15 countries to 55+ countries right now!

Users can make 50 free voice calls for 10 minutes per 30 days, so each month they receive another 50 free VOIP international phone calls, which is more than eight hours a month, not bad : )

Talkfree: Free VOIP Call Destinations


Dial free VOIP Call From:

Australia Austria Canada + mobile, Denmark France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Japan Netherlands Singapore + mobile, Spain United Kingdom USA + mobile,

Receive Free VOIP call In:

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada + mobile, Chile China + mobile, Colombia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany Greece Guam + mobile, Hong Kong + mobile, Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico + mobile, Romania Russia Singapore + mobile, South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand + mobile, Turkey United Kingdom USA + mobile, Vatican Venezuela

If you are in US, Canada or Singapore, than even you can dial a call free VOIP call from your existing mobile (cell phones) besides landline phone to these 55 nations landline phones and also to mobile phones in US, Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, USA…do you need more? This is the true example of ONE WORLD-Free World-Mobile World…Wireless Wonder, Mobile VOIP!

Ooops India, Pakistan UAE, Gulf etc are not in the list, we request POKETALK to include South Asia in the list too as this is an important VOIP region of the world!

You can make daily visit to our blog, TALKFREE7, to make free international VOIP call, you can call from internet cafe, home or office if your country supports outgoing VOIP free call, just visit this blog, so BOOKMARK us and spread the word to your near and dears, colleagues, businesses etc so they too can make or receive free international VOIP calls from TALKFREE7 free VOIP phone to phone call widget!

If your country is not in DIAL FREE VOIP call list, it may appear soon, till than you may ask yours near and dears located in these 13 countries to make a free VOIP call to you if you live in one of the above 55 listed nations where free VOIP calls could be received!

Subscribe our blog via reader or email at the top left corner of this blog,

Bookmark us: press: Ctrl + D

Follow us at Twitter: @talkfree7

Talkfree7's VOIP Free Call Widget / API / Applet For Your Blog / Web Site:


Call for Free with Skype VOIP to New Zealand-Yellow Business Directories




After making it for FREE VOIP Skype calling to US biz directory (Skype VOIP call is free to all listed businesses) service 411USA now Skype VOIP free call now heads towards New Zealand's (NZ) business directory yellow pages (all listed businesses) for three months!

Yeah New Zealand's Yellow Pages biz directory has agreed with VOIP Skype to offers free and UNLIMITED and any number of free Skype VOIP to phone call (mobile / landline) to all listed businesses in its directory for three months in New Zealand!

The catch is that you should have or to make download the latest version of VOIP leader & E-Bay's brand, The Skype's version 4.0 (which uses P2P- SILK audio codec of Skype and has wonderful quality for its voice and video calls!)...and you can make absolutely free calls in New Zeland to the business listed in the yellow pages with popular soft phone or Internet phone-Skype, the deal is up to June 10, 2009 and may be extended if Yellow pages deems it to be a popular feature! Fingers are crossed, it may be even become a NZs permanent feature to call free via Skype if Yellow and Skype seems this nuptial knot to be beneficial for their own businesses too : )

Skype VOIP users will have an access to New Zeeland’s www.Yellow.co.nz business advertisers list in the New Zealand; they also can search their desired biz contact info from Skype Directory which is within Skype 4.0 client.

Skype VOIP or digital Internet call from a PC to a PSTN landline is approx 4 Euro-cents so one can save a good funds to call free over Skype VOIP to NZ yellow Pages,

Now Google’s own Google Voice too has arrived and this may be a challenge for Skype in coming times if not now, Google’s Voice is giving free US phone calls, cheap International calls than Skype and one and only UNIFIED no. for all phones etc, and many more features like voice mail transcript to email etc, so Skype’s stronghold seems to be at stake for the first time as this could be a big VOIP ‘war’ of two Internet titans viz.: Ebay’s Skype and Internet’s King THE GOOGLE : )





PC to Phone Free VOIP Calling to America, Canada From Anywhere



Have you tried yet www.callingamerica.com to make daily, free, unlimited VOIP browser based PC to any phone call in America / USA / Canada facility from this site? If not you you should try this Advertisement based free VOIP Call facility, its nice and works wonder from anywhere, where there is an internet connectivity, just make a free PC to phone call USA / Canada on any phone numbers, mobile or landline,

Well, now there is yet another free VOIP call provider to North America / Canada now and this is www.freevoiceline.com/dialer.php (an http://www1.ionlogix.com/ilx/home co.) they also promise to provide free VOIP browser based PC to any phone calling in US / Canada from any part of the world using Internet and PC, try them too,

But you should ONLY have a US / Canada number to cal this service means if you are NOT in US / Canada and you still wanna use this free VOIP Call service than surely read this article, how to make free VOIP US-Canada call from any part of the world:



Procedure to make free VOIP PC to phone call to US / Canada is simple: just put your phone number, and then enter the phone number to which you want to make a free VOIP call. Ok, you are ready, now click the call button, www.FreeVoiceLine.com will first call your phone and then it will connect you to your desired calling number for free in America or Canada,

Always good to check the fine prints too, when using these type of free VOIP calling providers though they provides free VOIP calls but may be could share your phone numbers with telemarketers, depends I am not saying this to these above particular VOIP providers but just a suggestion to read always the fine prints before going!

Free Voice Line also provide for an API so you can embed FreeVoice Platform within your blog or website / app to let make your site visitors could dial free VOIP calls directly from your web property!


They also provide for call me widget / button to put on your webpage so your visitors can call you any time and you have not to reveal your phone number:

Also you can use Facebook's, Phonebook with FreeVoiceLine.com's to make your facebook friends a free VOIP call, all the long calling / distance charges are free! They claim that they are really like saying the word free...





Skype Silk Wide Band Audio Codec; A Free, VOIP Innovation


Do you know that Skype 4.0 for Windows (Skype's Silk codec for Mac version will come later) has the new Silk Wide Band speech / audio codec....Its Skype VOIP's latest innovation in the voice encoding technology over VOIP packeting system which captures the full sound of the human voice, when / If both ends on a VOIP call use the version of Skype 4.0 as it has the new codec, the call quality increases dramatically.

Traditional PSTN lines lacks bandwidth to maintain the cost of hardware / equipments, But we are in the very communication era where the speed of voice and quality too should be reliable and fruitful, and the Wideband audio has already emerged with VOIPs like Skype, also due to silicon based manufacturing we can keep the equipments cost low too, and can achieve a high speed, crystal clear and wide-band audio quality over VOIP transmission...

E bay's subsidiary the leader of peer to peer (P2P) VOIP, Skype's Silk, the wideband audio codec is free for anyone, the Silk wideband codec is the open and royalty free wideband codec for anyones or third party use, its predecessor codec was SVOPC,

FYI: a various audio / speech codecs exists right now viz.: iSac, AMRWideband, open source codec Speex. But according to VOIP global brand the Skype claim, SILK wide band audio codec is far superior of any or all of them,

It is clearly signaled or seems that Skype is getting ready for the future (Skype Out, an API etc) for its core calling functions as a services,

The Silk wide band audio codec is good for better audio response @ half the bit-rate for wideband, Silk also has introduced a super wideband mode! Silk audio wide band codec has 24 kHz sample rate and 12 kHz audio bandwidth mode.

So what this SILK speech wide band codec means for a layman? Skype 4.0 for Windows has the new Silk Wide Band audio codec what is it?

Its simply means that Skype VOIP 4.0 will have superb quality voice / audio, and its even on a slow internet connections, a codec acts as a bridge between a file size & its audio quality!

Simply, this Silk wide band codec at Skype 4.0 will enable super wideband audio and will thus optimizes its VOIP call quality, it will have a wonderful voice experience even in a low network bandwidth environments! Silk Wide Band codec will enhance and transform the sound for Skype VOIP calling,

Silk Wideband audio codec from Skype VOIP uses atleast 50% less of the network bandwidth than it uses previously, this Skype's audio codec is the result of 3 year long hard work and development process at Skype labs,

So make skype to skype unlimited free international video call over Skype 4.0 both ends and experience the Skype thrill a wonderful voice quality like the two guys who are on a VOIP call are talking, sitting in the same room : ) Its SIMPLY Superb!

And VOIP pundits are right in stipulating that a Wide band Telephony Finally has been Arrived










VoIP Skype's voice mail to text alerts, by Spinvox


With VOIP leader SKYPE you will never miss your more voice mails now, VOIP Skype has now 2 new features: Skype voice mail to text and Skype voice mail alerts.

Skype Voice mail to text:

VoIP Skype's voice mail is a thing when one can be sure about that he will never miss his phone call. All the un replied / unanswered phone calls will automatically go to Skype's Voicemail and one can retrieve the voice messages at his peril when he is free, you can always check them from anywhere you login in to your Skype / or one can use 'Skype To Go'.

Skype VOIP have partnered with SpinVox!

UK based SpinVox are the champions in the field of transcribing / converting voicemail into SMS / Text messages, so when you have a voice mail on your Skype VOIP you will automatically get a text message on your cell phone which had converted that voice mail into text words for your convenience so you can read it, when you have time, though you can always hear your voice mails too when you have the time or access to your Skype VOIP!

SpinVox right now supports voice mail to text feature in English, French, German and Spanish languages and this auto-transcript is rather cool,

Regards pricing Skype depicts: "...Each voicemail to text conversion will cost €0.20/£0.17/$0.25 plus the cost of sending up to 3 SMS at standard low Skype rates, depending on the length of the voicemail message...."

Skype voicemails are NOT converted to text immediately, but takes a 10 minute gap before conversion so one can, may be have a chance to make them listen to the voicemail first, if he wish so!

Skype Voicemail alerts:

Now Skype VOIP permits you to set alerts when you had received a voice mail, it can be via email or SMS, email alerts are free, and Text alerts are tariffed Skype’s standard low texting rates.

One can always pick his voice mail on the move using: Skype To Go,

one can set privacy settings and number of alerts per day etc


Such a similar service of enhanced visual voicemail (Voicemail to Text) is also provided by Ribbit:


Australia to Turkey Local Rate Mobile VoIP Call




Freedom call are the experts in providing unlimited mobile international VOIP calls to anywhere at local mobile costs from Australia,

Now they have local mobile VOIP calls to Turkey, CEO Nizi Bhandari told in an Exclusive interview to Talkfree7, that they have now an exclusive calling number, no PIN hassles, no credit card, no download, just dial 0424 21 51 52 from Australia, ONLY YOU HAVE TO BEAR THE LOCAL CHARGES TO THIS number and you will get connected to yours in Turkey, than call unlimited, via mobile phone at local rates, and its VOIP wonder, cheap / low-cost / free calling via VOIP,

But If you want unlimited free video VOIP calls, crystal clear, to anywhere in the world, than try www.skype.com, its always free SKYPE TO SKYPE and PC to PC / Skype handheld devices,


Take care,

Make local rates VOIP call from Ireland to Philippines

Local rates VOIP Call: Ireland-Filipino 




With Bayan Family Ties / Blueface, one can make local call from Ireland (mobile or landline) to Philippines (Filipino / Pinoy-mobile or landline), no need to dial very expensive international call tariffs, just a flat monthly tariff to make unlimited local call to Philippines,

It still works for your family and friends in Philippines, even if you resides in Ireland, still you can get this family Bayan local calling plan for your family in Philippines, you have to dial a local access number in Ireland to reach yours, who are living in Philippines,

Also yours family living in the Philippines will get a landline phone and than can make unlimited local calls with no extra charges,

Try this for global free call (Free €1 trial calls are only for users in Republic of Ireland), first just download and Configure there Softphone (a softphone works with VOIP),


Also BlueFace has a virtual mini PBX and DID Virtual Number plans, means your DID # or Direct Inward dialing can have you virtual local numbers in any country, so your callers in many countries can make you a local call from there which all DID #s will be directed to your actual phone number, so your international callers will never to pay for the hefty international calling tariffs, instead they will call you cheap and unlimited from many international destinations, at local tariffs,


BlueFace is also Fring compatible means free unlimited international mobile voice calling, Fring to Fring : )



About BlueFace: Blueface is an award winning VOIP provider in Dublin, Ireland, Europe since 2004. It offers, call conferencing, mysipswitch.com, and online call management etc, its customer care is said to be good...

Nokia E55: VGA-VOIP-SIP-HSDPA-10.2 Mbps-3G-Wi-Fi-Thin-Fastest Smart Mobile


Nokia E55 and Nokia E75 are the latest in E series business smart mobile phone! Nokia proudly claims its E55 brand as: The world’s most compact messaging smart mobile device,

Nokia E55 Specifications:

E55 has BP-4L 1500 mAh super power battery, which can give approx 8 hours of talk time and / or up to 30 days of stand by time, Nokia E55 is only 9.9mm thin, weight = 95 gm, 2.4″ screen, QWERTY, GPS, the E55 posses 3.2 megapixel EDOF cam + Front camera (VGA) for video calling, It had WLAN, SIP-VoIP-3.0 (for making International voice calls using Internet), Conference calling, push to talk, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Cell broadcast, LED flash and dedicated camera key, Nokia E55 enable users to make & receive meeting requests, integration with Ovi, E55 has Nokia N-Gage on-board.

Symbian S60, 3.2 Edition operating system, Nokia E55 is claimed to be the thinnest smart mobile phone, Nokia E55 is also one of the FASTEST 3.5G supporting Mobile wireless handheld device in the world till now and comes with (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) HSDPA maximum speed: 10.2 Mbps / HSPA (= mobile broadband, comprises HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA)...(Nokia 6260 slide is also HSDPA 10.2 Mbps, Apple iPhone 3G, HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung i900 Omnia all have HSDPA max speed 7.2Mbps, Samsung black jack has HSDPA 1.8 Mpbs, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music 3.6 Mbps , Nokia E63 384 kbps)

I do not think that till now in this world there are many mobile handsets which supports HSDPA more than 7.2 Mbps and this latest Nokia E55 is 3.5G and supports 10.2 Mbps HSDPA, its marvelous wireless 3.5G / broadband internet speed any handheld device could support : ) that’s why E55 has inbuilt VOIP-SIP 3.0 and VGA front cam for making free to cheap Internet video voice VOIP calls to Internationals etc!

Skype VOIP who provides free to low cost international unlimited calls has already announced its partnership with Nokia and starting with Nokia N97 Skype will come inbuilt on Nokia handsets buttons for free to cheap VOIP International calls, (now who says Nokia is shy to put VOIP functionality on its mobiles)?

I would certainly buy this smart Nokia E55 mobile, it has all the features which I need like, 3.5G-10.2 Mbps, GPS, cool battery life, 2 front cam for video calling, light weight for pocket, thin phone, Wi-Fi, SIP-VOIP for Internet calls, conference calling, hands free etc etc, prices are bit pinching but anyways affordable for such smart device : )

Nokia E55 will enter the world for a sale by Finnish handsets giant Nokia by the end of second quarter of 2009 and its estimated retail price would be approx €265 / US$338 / INR 17,000/- or so...certainly below than the touch screen phone Nokia 5800 Xpress Music!


E55 or E71, which Nokia holds good?











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