Wi-Fi & VOIP: iPhone-Free Call Online Anybody-Anywhere

Yes, this is unbelievable and yet true, this Germany based start-up VOIP call provider C2call.com has something promising and unique to drive Internet VOIP traffic and giving some ROI to its investors and users,


They are also coming with internet free call feature using Apple's iPhone, which is beta mode testing right now,


Their proprietary API / VOIP software is known as C2C calling, using this VOIP software, one can cal for free any online user whether he is registered on C2C or not, just he should be online at the time of making free call,

You are allowed to IM (Instant messaging), make a free call, free messaging etc to any PC, anybody who is online and this all can be used on their Apple iPhone™ too,

With C2C calls you can send the instant call links direct using Apple iPhone™ to anybody on the 'net and than can free talk and messages for free. The guy which wil gets your link / invit, can instantly call! Nothing to install, no software etc.

They say: "In mobile data mode: Anybody who’s on the internet talks to you for free and you pay a local call. Anybody, not only C2Call users! Send instant call links directly from the iPhone™ to anybody on the Internet and they call you from everywhere in the world for free, every call becomes a local call. Use your free airtime and pay only additional 2 cents Euro per minute (US iPhone™ in the US), Or, find the Wi-Fi or a Hot spot and talk for free.

So one is permitted to use the same C2Call ID to talk for free on Apple iPhone, Windows PC, Linux or MAC operating system to anybody on the Internet. You are allowed again to get import your buddies / contacts from iPhone, .mac or mobile contact data and many web email providers,

So feel free with C2C VOIP free calls, let your Apple iPhone invite your buddies, friends may join you, on C2Call, use your Apple iPhone to send call link directly from your Apple iPhone, just to talk anybody online for free, and it really means that ANYBODY (they are not only C2Call users, they may be anyone on the internet).

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