Skype 4.0 - VoIP for Windows; Make Free Video Calls

Skype to Skype Free unlimited P2P VoIP International calls are now more good with enhanced video and audio (smart help)bandwidth quality as Skype has released its version 4.0 for free download to all Skype VOIP users for free,

Now Skype's latest version 4.0 for Windows had improved the voice-over-IP unlimited video calling as it contains in-built Internet bandwidth manager which is able to make faster data transfer via using a webcam or the microphone!

VoIP Skype 4.0 also has a feature "full-screen video calling" so one call always feel like if he / she is calling face-to-face with wonderful sound and picture quality experience, that is why E-Bay company, The SKYPE is all time VOIP leader still in this very hot and competitive VoIP / SIP market,


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