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The free web / browser VOIP call to America is a reality with www.callingamerica.com and it receiving big hits a day, this web calling site allows for making free VOIP mobile or landline call to America / Canada via its site and the user has to view a Video Advertisement here for short durations like 5-10 seconds, and one can call USA / Canada any phone number mobile or landline for free using Internet,

No catch, no fine prints, its true, yeah you can be located anywhere in the world to make these free net calling, just need a broadband or 3G etc and web and you are ready to call the North Americas,

Its free VOIP Call quality many times depends on the speed of your Internet speed, higher is always better : )

Unregistered users can make free VOIP call to US / Canada for 2 minutes and unregistered users can make unlimited 15 minute calls to USA / Canada,

This callingamerica web calling is powered and developed by Goober.com

VOIP now is becoming the mainstream telephony and world is at fast shifting from the regular PSTN telephony to adopt a VOIP calling model, its cheap and many times come for free too : )


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Anonymous said...

Oh thats great news, thanks for sharing, I am currently using Vopium it also offers free minutes for international calls, I must try calling america, thanks again :)

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