VOIP Free Call to Australia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, US, Canada, United Kingdom



Dial unlimited free VOIP international call to 8 countries (mobile / landline), from anywhere, till March 31, 2009 (promotional free VOIP calls offer) by mediaringtalk.com

Features of this free VOIP call promo:

Free VoIP Calls to Land-lines / Fixed Phones & Mobile @ US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong,

Free VoIP Calls to Land-lines / Fixed Phones only @ United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia,

Free PC-to-PC - high quality VoIP calls to anywhere in the world!

Every free VoIP call will be of maximum 10 minutes duration, after that free voip call will be disconnected but you can make any number of repeat 10 minute free calls, there is no restrictions to call same destination several or multiple times.

VOIP is going under immense hot competition and taking the place of traditional PSTN telephony very fast now, the telecom and wireless world is really crazy with VOIP now, free to cheap unlimited international call offers to mobile and land lines, consumer is the KING : )

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