Skype 2.5-Windows Mobile-Pocket PC-SmartPhone

Skype VOIP 2.5 software is now ready to be downloaded (all or any bugs are fixed by Skype techies and engineers) for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, SmartPhone (Smart Mobiles), so one is able to make Skype unlimited free to cheap overseas call and / or instant messages using Skype on your mobile wireless device,

... The sound quality is enhanced here, when you make a voice Skype call from a WiFi zone using you Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, SmartPhone (data usage charges by your local carrier applies for making VOIP calls over Skype with 3G mobile networks (EDGE, EV-DO, UMTS) etc,

Great Skype news again that Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 (Beta version) software is currently ongoing for a display at ongoing Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.

Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 software, when released, will have two innovative new features:

1. SMS, and

2. File transfer,

With Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 software Beta, one is free to send SMS (short messaging service) or Text messages from the windows operating system mobile Smartphone at VOIP Skype low rates also one is able to send & receive files using his Skype contacts around the globe. Skype is all set to release its 3.0 Beta windows version by March2009, Keep Skyping, Skype is the King and You are too : )


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