Skype mobile VoIP at Nokia N97; make free calls

VOIP King Skype announced at 2009 Spain Barcelona, Mobile World Congress that it will come preloaded now on Nokia Smart Mobile handsets (Symbian S-60 O.S)and will start with Nokia N97 (march 2009 0nwards), this simply means that wireless geeks could make a free unlimited international VOIP Skype to Skype voice call anywhere in the world from anywhere and anytime,

(Existing N97 customers will also be able to get Skype VOIP on their handsets via a free firmware update).

MOIP or VOIP on Mobile and also IM on mobile is a popular and in demand now, one can use Fring or Barablu to make free international unlimited VOIP calls mobile to mobile but when Skype comes to popular Nokia brand preloaded than it would be so easy for a layman to make VOIP VOICE calling from mobile using Skype with Wi-Fi HotSpots or Broadband or WLAN, 3G, EDGE etc, this arrangement will also allow low cost Skype calls from Nokia smart mobile phones to global landlines and mobile devices

Nokia is the brand leader in mobile handsets sales and is from Finland, Nokia is the name of village in Finland,

Founded in 2003, since than Skype is the brand leader of VOIP around the globe and has 400 million+ registered global users, Skype is an Ebay company and hails from Estonia,

Nuptial knot between two brand leaders will make the telecom or telephony to a magical convergence which will be cheap, unlimited, free and within the reach of all people in the world, this is the wireless world and MOIP / wireless VOIP is the future : )


Why Skype VOIP will not come to ALL NOKIA handsets?

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Alex said...

It just seems unbelievable from a consumer perspective. Making unlimited international calls for free would just be a Golden Gift for them. It means that one wouldn't need to search for cheap web hosting anymore to talk to the loved ones. It would all be possible through a mobile handset and even that for free. I have Nokia N80 at the moment and just wish that this option might be available for this edition as well through a firmware update.

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