Low Cost Global VOIP Call: TruPhone app



TruPhone local anywhere: Beyond VOIP, It’s a cheap unlimited International VOIP call at local cal rates, announced at 2009, Barcelona Spain Mobile World Congress 2009

TruPhone announced this cheap VOIP call service to make international calls that is beyond VoIP applications and provides for a single SIM, multi nation cell phone service it will ensure to make any mobile call (where permitted) into the local call.

Features Truphone VOIP Cheap calls:

Number portability, i.e. use your existing mobile / land line numbers with Truphone
Manage the Caller ID

Cheap International call to overseas from any Truphone Local Anywhere, supported nation

Cheap International roaming,

No heavy international roaming tariffs to received incoming mobile calls in many nations

Virtual national cell numbers which are local number in other country, so one call make a local call at local rates.


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