DOT ultimatum to Indian ISPs, block VoIP calls

Department of Telecom (DOT) India ordered shutting down of at least 39 foreign VOIP sites / service providers who are playing "illegal" net telephony in India, and the "VOIP Blacklist" includes all and any:,,, etc,

According to the Indian Telecom rules and laws only a licensed VOIP service provider / operator could offer its VOIP services in land of India!

DOT India ordered Indian ISPs that, "Unlicensed VoIP operators represent a "grave security threat to the nation and heavy loss to the Government." ISPs were requested to implement the order in the "interest of the security of the nation."

The Telecom enforcement and monitoring cell of the DoT further clarified that the blocking of foreign VoIP players is not the "routine content blocking" of Sites, as per the recommendations of security agencies.


Three sets of VOIP can be dialed: 

-A VOIP call can be made between a PC / computer to an another PC / computer (video calls can too), needs 3G, Wi-Fi, Hot Spots or Broadband connection; 

-Between a PC and a mobile or a land line / fixed line phone; 

-Finally between mobile or land lines / fixed line phones or their phone to phone combination. 

These sets of VOIP calls can be made to any part of the globe. The benefit of these VOIP call over regular PSTN calls is that one can now make an unlimited International calls / local or long distance calls only at very cheap / low cost local call charges or even can make free video calls like SKYPE-SKYPE VOIP calls, etc.

But India is tough with net telephony regulations and VOIP and in India only unified access license holders are allowed to provide all above three types of web telephony!

Further in India the ISPs are permitted ONLY to provide VOIP over PC to PC calls and also PC to mobile / fixed line / land lines, that too ONLY for international calls, 

India to India VOIP calls are NOT permitted which terminates over an Indian mobile or landline phones as of yet.

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Anonymous said...

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Fazil said...

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