Free-VOIP-Web 2.0-SIP-Call to France on mobile or Land line by FlashPhone

Free Internet / Online Communication-One Click Social Flash Phone Free VOIP-Web 2.0-SIP Calling: (Site available in English and French languages)

FreeVcalls tells a nice VOIP free French calling service, MYLIVIO-Inexbee product (it is beta trial version right now), the VOIP free calls to France mobiles and landlines could be made here for free, from the web from anywhere from using web enabled flash phone, so save money on expensive phone calls to mobiles and land lines to France,

Livio-VOIP Web Free Call FAQ: 

Inexbee / Livio is offering free incoming phone calls in France to any mobile and landline number there, no software download, no registration, its free so no credit card fill up, no hassles, no catches, the only catch is this is in beat and a limited calling service so only a maximum of 10 minutes per week (Monday to Monday) VOIP web call to France can be made from this IP calling service, after 10 minutes, the call comes to an end itself, and you can dial next Mon to Mon another 10 minutes and so on….

We have to see that after beta is it available for internationals too or not? And if the free VOIP call limit is increased or not etc, time will tell,

Guys in France / French people too could take the advantage of this free VoIP web phone call / softphone offer, they may use themselves or can give theirs this free VOIP service who lives out of France / overseas so they can dial a limited free VOIP web call from Internet / PC, to France anytime from anywhere, mobile or landline from this free web enabled social networking flash phone device,

They rightly said:” communicate with just one click (click-to-call button), no computer software installation is required".

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