Free Voice Calling Group Broadcast on Cell Phones; Land lines for US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico 

This was also aired on MSNBC, this is a great tool to send one voice call per day to a maximum of 25 users for free, the free voice messages should be 30 seconds or less in length means no big audio files there should be, if want to send more or unlimited voice calls than you may have to pay a bit,

DialMyCalls is for anyone who wish to transform the power internet and need to send voice messages out to his / her entire phone lists within seconds.

So make a list of your buddies, names, phone #s, email IDs etc > record a greetings or a message to be aired via phone or audio files > send immediately or set your time when you wish to send it,

Currently this free voice call messaging service works in USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico but they promise to add internationals too!


If you are opting for a premium service to broadcast an unlimited group voice calls per day than you may sign up here :

If the webmasters, bloggers, website owners wish to earn funds here via this wonderful telecom related affiliate programme they may join here and earn the descent funds by promoting this online / offline, they pay 15% per sale of their premium service, this seems to be a nice and genuine telecom service:

They also are capable to call those phone numbers which have extensions and they say that they can work such with a large majority of phone systems. But they further depicts that if the phone system is overly complex, than there system may not work with it.

General rule of thumb is for using this free or premium service to broadcast voice calls is, if you dial the number and can enter the extension on the main menu it will work. But if you have to press an another number to actually dial an extension, than there system will not work on that number!

Further this voice call messaging / broadcasting has a Voice Mail Detection tool so they are capable to detect 99% of all the answering machines & voice mail services in use.

If any phone call ends up in reaching an automated answering system, than there system will detect and know to wait and leave your message!


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