VOIP Free Calls to USA-Canada: Calling-America



The free web / browser VOIP call to America is a reality with www.callingamerica.com and it receiving big hits a day, this web calling site allows for making free VOIP mobile or landline call to America / Canada via its site and the user has to view a Video Advertisement here for short durations like 5-10 seconds, and one can call USA / Canada any phone number mobile or landline for free using Internet,

No catch, no fine prints, its true, yeah you can be located anywhere in the world to make these free net calling, just need a broadband or 3G etc and web and you are ready to call the North Americas,

Its free VOIP Call quality many times depends on the speed of your Internet speed, higher is always better : )

Unregistered users can make free VOIP call to US / Canada for 2 minutes and unregistered users can make unlimited 15 minute calls to USA / Canada,

This callingamerica web calling is powered and developed by Goober.com

VOIP now is becoming the mainstream telephony and world is at fast shifting from the regular PSTN telephony to adopt a VOIP calling model, its cheap and many times come for free too : )


DOT ultimatum to Indian ISPs, block VoIP calls

Department of Telecom (DOT) India ordered shutting down of at least 39 foreign VOIP sites / service providers who are playing "illegal" net telephony in India, and the "VOIP Blacklist" includes all and any: voiptalk.org, sipgate.co.uk, voiplus.net, deltathree.com etc,

According to the Indian Telecom rules and laws only a licensed VOIP service provider / operator could offer its VOIP services in land of India!

DOT India ordered Indian ISPs that, "Unlicensed VoIP operators represent a "grave security threat to the nation and heavy loss to the Government." ISPs were requested to implement the order in the "interest of the security of the nation."

The Telecom enforcement and monitoring cell of the DoT further clarified that the blocking of foreign VoIP players is not the "routine content blocking" of Sites, as per the recommendations of security agencies.


Three sets of VOIP can be dialed: 

-A VOIP call can be made between a PC / computer to an another PC / computer (video calls can too), needs 3G, Wi-Fi, Hot Spots or Broadband connection; 

-Between a PC and a mobile or a land line / fixed line phone; 

-Finally between mobile or land lines / fixed line phones or their phone to phone combination. 

These sets of VOIP calls can be made to any part of the globe. The benefit of these VOIP call over regular PSTN calls is that one can now make an unlimited International calls / local or long distance calls only at very cheap / low cost local call charges or even can make free video calls like SKYPE-SKYPE VOIP calls, etc.

But India is tough with net telephony regulations and VOIP and in India only unified access license holders are allowed to provide all above three types of web telephony!

Further in India the ISPs are permitted ONLY to provide VOIP over PC to PC calls and also PC to mobile / fixed line / land lines, that too ONLY for international calls, 

India to India VOIP calls are NOT permitted which terminates over an Indian mobile or landline phones as of yet.

Ref. :



Europe: Twe2-Free Twitter SMS, Twitter Mobile Network



Receive free social network Twitter's Direct messages / @Replies, straight on your cell phones in Europe, yeah its Twe2 a new pioneer texting European venture, it is not by Twitter but Twe2 social network Twitter Mobile App. / services for fee : )

Launched by Paul Kinlan and Paul Rawlings: Twe2 , is a instant hit with global Twitters, Twitter is a 140 word viral micro blogging service and is now next name in Internet sensation for social networking, Twitters live and eat on Twitter now,

Twe2 is now become the part of 150 global applications for the part of Twitter’s OAuth Beta scheme, this is a scheme which is for the betterment of the Twitter users’ security accounts. Twe2 software is now has been putted at Twitter’s white list of approved global applications, so it has no upper limit or maximum cap on the amount of the updates a users can Tweet!

Supported Nations by Twe2 :

http://twe2.com/about/countries.aspx Its coming to the countries listed here : ) Have the nice Tweets at Twitter go mobile : )

Follow us at Twitter: www.twitter.com/talkfree7 

And pl don't forget to tweet any or all of Talkfree7 posts daily (below is the 'Twit This' Button, thank you : )

Low Cost Global VOIP Call: TruPhone app



TruPhone local anywhere: Beyond VOIP, It’s a cheap unlimited International VOIP call at local cal rates, announced at 2009, Barcelona Spain Mobile World Congress 2009

TruPhone announced this cheap VOIP call service to make international calls that is beyond VoIP applications and provides for a single SIM, multi nation cell phone service it will ensure to make any mobile call (where permitted) into the local call.

Features Truphone VOIP Cheap calls:

Number portability, i.e. use your existing mobile / land line numbers with Truphone
Manage the Caller ID

Cheap International call to overseas from any Truphone Local Anywhere, supported nation

Cheap International roaming,

No heavy international roaming tariffs to received incoming mobile calls in many nations

Virtual national cell numbers which are local number in other country, so one call make a local call at local rates.


Skype mobile VoIP at Nokia N97; make free calls

VOIP King Skype announced at 2009 Spain Barcelona, Mobile World Congress that it will come preloaded now on Nokia Smart Mobile handsets (Symbian S-60 O.S)and will start with Nokia N97 (march 2009 0nwards), this simply means that wireless geeks could make a free unlimited international VOIP Skype to Skype voice call anywhere in the world from anywhere and anytime,

(Existing N97 customers will also be able to get Skype VOIP on their handsets via a free firmware update).

MOIP or VOIP on Mobile and also IM on mobile is a popular and in demand now, one can use Fring or Barablu to make free international unlimited VOIP calls mobile to mobile but when Skype comes to popular Nokia brand preloaded than it would be so easy for a layman to make VOIP VOICE calling from mobile using Skype with Wi-Fi HotSpots or Broadband or WLAN, 3G, EDGE etc, this arrangement will also allow low cost Skype calls from Nokia smart mobile phones to global landlines and mobile devices

Nokia is the brand leader in mobile handsets sales and is from Finland, Nokia is the name of village in Finland,

Founded in 2003, since than Skype is the brand leader of VOIP around the globe and has 400 million+ registered global users, Skype is an Ebay company and hails from Estonia,

Nuptial knot between two brand leaders will make the telecom or telephony to a magical convergence which will be cheap, unlimited, free and within the reach of all people in the world, this is the wireless world and MOIP / wireless VOIP is the future : )









Why Skype VOIP will not come to ALL NOKIA handsets?


Skype 2.5-Windows Mobile-Pocket PC-SmartPhone



Skype VOIP 2.5 software is now ready to be downloaded (all or any bugs are fixed by Skype techies and engineers) for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, SmartPhone (Smart Mobiles), so one is able to make Skype unlimited free to cheap overseas call and / or instant messages using Skype on your mobile wireless device,

... The sound quality is enhanced here, when you make a voice Skype call from a WiFi zone using you Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, SmartPhone (data usage charges by your local carrier applies for making VOIP calls over Skype with 3G mobile networks (EDGE, EV-DO, UMTS) etc,

Great Skype news again that Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 (Beta version) software is currently ongoing for a display at ongoing Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.

Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 software, when released, will have two innovative new features:

1. SMS, and

2. File transfer,

With Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0 software Beta, one is free to send SMS (short messaging service) or Text messages from the windows operating system mobile Smartphone at VOIP Skype low rates also one is able to send & receive files using his Skype contacts around the globe. Skype is all set to release its 3.0 Beta windows version by March2009, Keep Skyping, Skype is the King and You are too : )


Skype Free Calls from Apple iPhone via Fring



Unlimited Free Texting, IM, Picture Messaging at Talki

Talkster's Talki a great piece of application allows for an unlimited Free Texting, IM, Picture Messaging / MMS at Talki

Also call international in 35 countries at local call rates,


Of Interest:

Free Mobile Calls: Canada, USA Unlimited via Texting

Skype unlimited free VoIP calls from PC to cell phones

Talkster's Free World Dialing, an Ads supported unlimited international free call service to Skype unlimited & Skype subscription service customers',

You know, that using VOIP Skype's Unlimited North America-Canada plan / subscription, which gives unlimited local free calling (mobile or landlines) within USA & Canada, but the poor Skype callers still have to pay approx 36 cents or so, a minute to call the international mobile phones and landlines, charges varies according to the country,

Also did you know, VOIP brand Skype’s Unlimited Mexico plan comes for $5.95 a month for an unlimited free calls to landlines in three regions of Mexico (+ free calls to US, Canada landlines and mobiles), but you have to add a charges of extra 2 cents a minute to call Mexico’s other region landlines and also a whopping 20 cents per minute to call Mexico’s own mobiles numbers!

But we are showing you this Talkster free mobile calling application and you can call any landline or mobile via your Skype at PC to 30 countries (where supported), yeah mobiles too and not only landlines in 30 countries and all for free, no extra charge to call these country any phone landline or mobile:

Find Details Here:



Supported countries:





Facebook: Free Group Conference Calls: Talkster Phone Party

VOIP Free Call to Australia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, US, Canada, United Kingdom



Dial unlimited free VOIP international call to 8 countries (mobile / landline), from anywhere, till March 31, 2009 (promotional free VOIP calls offer) by mediaringtalk.com

Features of this free VOIP call promo:

Free VoIP Calls to Land-lines / Fixed Phones & Mobile @ US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong,

Free VoIP Calls to Land-lines / Fixed Phones only @ United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia,

Free PC-to-PC - high quality VoIP calls to anywhere in the world!

Every free VoIP call will be of maximum 10 minutes duration, after that free voip call will be disconnected but you can make any number of repeat 10 minute free calls, there is no restrictions to call same destination several or multiple times.

VOIP is going under immense hot competition and taking the place of traditional PSTN telephony very fast now, the telecom and wireless world is really crazy with VOIP now, free to cheap unlimited international call offers to mobile and land lines, consumer is the KING : )

US-Toll Free-Long Distance-Valentine's Day-Calling




Free long distance calls via 1-800-FREE411 on mobile phone or land line on Valentines Day in USA on February 14th are given by 1-800-FREE411

USA 's leading Free Directory Assistance 1-800-FREE411 (a Jingle Networks company) is providing free 10-minute phone calls / long distance phone calls to any mobile or land line phone number within USA on Valentines Day February 14th, 2009, so Americans may too have a good chance to say I Love You and can make a romance with their respective Valentines or Valentines,

To make free Valentine day phone call in US just dial toll free phone number 1-800-FREE411 on February 14, 2009 than listen to prompts and do accordingly to get 10 minute free call to your Valentine,

This free call offer is good for 24 hours starting midnight EST-February 13, 2009 and will come to an end on midnight EST-February 14, 2009.

1-800-FREE411 is also available on Skype VOIP to make free calls to your VOIP Skype contacts : ) so add this to your Skype VOIP contacts list and start making free calls,


BlogsBasic-Learn Blogging-Earn Adsense Pay Checks


Hey friends, my newest blog has been unveiled, this time the niche is how to blog, what is blog, how to create and earn of free blog, what are the ads by Google, what is Adsense, how to avoid rip off and money scams and all million dollar questions will be answered here like a pro so Telephoon blog readers can make a successful blog and could earn some nice, honest money from Google Adsense, wish me luck,


My other blogs are:



www.telephoon.blogspot.com (this blog)

Bookmark and share all blogs here, cheers : )

Free VOIP Valentine's Day Calling to all of the World

This Valentines Day what are you doing? Wandering for a free phone call-Text service so you can chat, IM, Free Call, Text your valentine with Red Roses, sweet free talk and can say, I Luv (Love) you : )

Than Try this for free, make 10 minute free call anywhere in the world with your pals, valentine, friends or family, it works even mobile to mobile, no tails it is free for you, try:


If you have a list of Valentines friends and you want all them to make HUG, than express your emotions and love by broadcasting a free phone call simultaneously to max 25 guys a day (30 second message, free call), no strings, no catch 100% free, try: (only USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico)


Free VOIP Call to USA Valentines:


Free Voice Calling Group Broadcast on Cell Phones; Land lines for US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico


This was also aired on MSNBC, this is a great tool to send one voice call per day to a maximum of 25 users for free, the free voice messages should be 30 seconds or less in length means no big audio files there should be, if want to send more or unlimited voice calls than you may have to pay a bit,

DialMyCalls is for anyone who wish to transform the power internet and need to send voice messages out to his / her entire phone lists within seconds.

So make a list of your buddies, names, phone #s, email IDs etc > record a greetings or a message to be aired via phone or audio files > send immediately or set your time when you wish to send it,

Currently this free voice call messaging service works in USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico but they promise to add internationals too!



If you are opting for a premium service to broadcast an unlimited group voice calls per day than you may sign up here :


If the webmasters, bloggers, website owners wish to earn funds here via this wonderful telecom related affiliate programme they may join here and earn the descent funds by promoting this online / offline, they pay 15% per sale of their premium service, this seems to be a nice and genuine telecom service: 


They also are capable to call those phone numbers which have extensions and they say that they can work such with a large majority of phone systems. But they further depicts that if the phone system is overly complex, than there system may not work with it.

General rule of thumb is for using this free or premium service to broadcast voice calls is, if you dial the number and can enter the extension on the main menu it will work. But if you have to press an another number to actually dial an extension, than there system will not work on that number!

Further this voice call messaging / broadcasting has a Voice Mail Detection tool so they are capable to detect 99% of all the answering machines & voice mail services in use.

If any phone call ends up in reaching an automated answering system, than there system will detect and know to wait and leave your message!





Free Visual Voice Mail by YouMail for RIM's BlackBerry


Apple iPhone 3G has visual-voice mail feature so one can search or find that who had sent the voice messages, without actually listening them,

Now RIM-BlackBerry users too could have this Visual Voice Mail feature for free via YouMail, and the Blackberry users now can see who called them, caller was from where and they also can browse there pictures, they can use this free voice mail service on their smart Blackberry phones or PC,

Visual Voicemail Plus is compatible with BlackBerry smart mobile handsets viz.: Bold, Curve, Pearl, Blackberry touch-screen Storm.

YouMail’s visual voice mail service is also compatible with many Verizon phones, and Storm, and it has a fee like $2.99 a month.

YouMail Voicemail feature is free but local carriers / Telcos may charge you for forwarding SMS using their carriers etc.




Free-VOIP-Web 2.0-SIP-Call to France on mobile or Land line by FlashPhone

Free Internet / Online Communication-One Click Social Flash Phone Free VOIP-Web 2.0-SIP Calling:

http://mylivio.com/entry.action (Site available in English and French languages)




FreeVcalls tells a nice VOIP free French calling service, MYLIVIO-Inexbee product (it is beta trial version right now), the VOIP free calls to France mobiles and landlines could be made here for free, from the web from anywhere from using web enabled flash phone, so save money on expensive phone calls to mobiles and land lines to France,

Livio-VOIP Web Free Call FAQ:


Inexbee / Livio is offering free incoming phone calls in France to any mobile and landline number there, no software download, no registration, its free so no credit card fill up, no hassles, no catches, the only catch is this is in beat and a limited calling service so only a maximum of 10 minutes per week (Monday to Monday) VOIP web call to France can be made from this IP calling service, after 10 minutes, the call comes to an end itself, and you can dial next Mon to Mon another 10 minutes and so on….

We have to see that after beta is it available for internationals too or not? And if the free VOIP call limit is increased or not etc, time will tell,

Guys in France / French people too could take the advantage of this free VoIP web phone call / softphone offer, they may use themselves or can give theirs this free VOIP service who lives out of France / overseas so they can dial a limited free VOIP web call from Internet / PC, to France anytime from anywhere, mobile or landline from this free web enabled social networking flash phone device,

They rightly said:” communicate with just one click (click-to-call button), no computer software installation is required".

Google Latitude-Mobile Social Mapping Application

Mobile Social Mapping Software



This is quiet important for all mobile phone and wireless mobility users, finally the internet search giant had unveiled it mobile phone / wireless devices users tracking software which is able to reveal their location in 27 nations right now!

This auto mobile wireless tracking software from Google is able to automatically share location whereabouts with family & friends, this Google Latitude software can broadcast the current location on a constant basis, track yours location or whereabouts Google map, its similar to a service we know as "Loopt.com".

Verizon Wireless (a Verizon Communications co.), Vodafone Group Plc, etc provide Loopt's tracking service, and they are compatible with Apple's iPhone (a Apple Inc. company),

Google's Latitude right now is compatible to work with Canada based RIM's (Research In Motion Ltd's) Color Blackberry and also would support the mobile-wireless devices that have the O.S. Symbian S60 or more (Nokia smartphones), Google Latitude is also compatible with Microsoft's Windows Mobiles 5.0+, and also compatible with T-1 Mobile phones that have Google's own OS, Google's Android software.

Later Google latitude would come to Apple iPhone / iPod-iTouch, Sony Ericsson wireless / Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile devices.

Google says about the privacy, using its Google latitude tracking mobile wireless software: "You not only control exactly who gets to see your location, but you also decide the location that they see."

Google latitude is free service from Google but your local carrier charges may apply,







Toll Free Cell Phone Calling at 411


They say that save this 411 number to your cell / mobile phone and dial 1-800-FREE411, to make a toll-free or free 411 call and thus save $2 tariff meant for directory services, also in US one can get voice activated MapQuest Directions, no need to access Websites or Internet, wow amazing : )

Further one can send the directions to mobiles through the SMS / text after calling.


How to make SIP based free or cheap calls on cell phones; land line, Worldwide?



If you wanna make a free or low cost / cheap SIP-VOIP international unlimited phone call to any mobile or landline than watch this YouTube Video, perhaps this may guide you, that how to make a free or cheap unlimited international VOIP call using your TPad VoIP account blended with the Zoiper.com SIP soft phone software download,

Make a free TPAD VOIP a/c and download ZoIPer via ZoiPer.com and learn watching the above YouTube video how you can dial VOIP / SIP calls that are free or cheap to any landline or mobile in the world, its simple, YouTube video is superb in explaining how to about VOIP / SIP softphone free to cheap call using TPad and Zoiper (previously known as Idefisk),

Wi-Fi & VOIP: iPhone-Free Call Online Anybody-Anywhere

Yes, this is unbelievable and yet true, this Germany based start-up VOIP call provider C2call.com has something promising and unique to drive Internet VOIP traffic and giving some ROI to its investors and users,


They are also coming with internet free call feature using Apple's iPhone, which is beta mode testing right now,


Their proprietary API / VOIP software is known as C2C calling, using this VOIP software, one can cal for free any online user whether he is registered on C2C or not, just he should be online at the time of making free call,

You are allowed to IM (Instant messaging), make a free call, free messaging etc to any PC, anybody who is online and this all can be used on their Apple iPhone™ too,

With C2C calls you can send the instant call links direct using Apple iPhone™ to anybody on the 'net and than can free talk and messages for free. The guy which wil gets your link / invit, can instantly call! Nothing to install, no software etc.

They say: "In mobile data mode: Anybody who’s on the internet talks to you for free and you pay a local call. Anybody, not only C2Call users! Send instant call links directly from the iPhone™ to anybody on the Internet and they call you from everywhere in the world for free, every call becomes a local call. Use your free airtime and pay only additional 2 cents Euro per minute (US iPhone™ in the US), Or, find the Wi-Fi or a Hot spot and talk for free.

So one is permitted to use the same C2Call ID to talk for free on Apple iPhone, Windows PC, Linux or MAC operating system to anybody on the Internet. You are allowed again to get import your buddies / contacts from iPhone, .mac or mobile contact data and many web email providers,

So feel free with C2C VOIP free calls, let your Apple iPhone invite your buddies, friends may join you, on C2Call, use your Apple iPhone to send call link directly from your Apple iPhone, just to talk anybody online for free, and it really means that ANYBODY (they are not only C2Call users, they may be anyone on the internet).

Skype 4.0 - VoIP for Windows; Make Free Video Calls

Skype to Skype Free unlimited P2P VoIP International calls are now more good with enhanced video and audio (smart help)bandwidth quality as Skype has released its version 4.0 for free download to all Skype VOIP users for free,

Now Skype's latest version 4.0 for Windows had improved the voice-over-IP unlimited video calling as it contains in-built Internet bandwidth manager which is able to make faster data transfer via using a webcam or the microphone!

VoIP Skype 4.0 also has a feature "full-screen video calling" so one call always feel like if he / she is calling face-to-face with wonderful sound and picture quality experience, that is why E-Bay company, The SKYPE is all time VOIP leader still in this very hot and competitive VoIP / SIP market,




Webtel.mobi-Valentine’s Day Free Texting Spike

Webtel.mobi’s ultra-low cost mobile calling and texting service gears up for annual Valentine’s Day texting spike

Specialized mobile call and text provider Webtel.mobi, which provides a mobile calling and texting services at up to 80% below standard rates, is preparing its network to manage the expected surge of texts sent on Valentine’s Day.

Typically, Valentine’s Day sees international texting volumes spike by hundreds of percent internationally. In the United States, Valentine’s Day sees texting daily texting volumes rise to over 2.2 Billion.

According to a Webtel.mobi spokesman, their low cost calling and texting service experienced a 1000%+ spike on New Year’s day 2009, as consumers took advantage of their Ultra-Low cost texting service – whereby texts can be sent locally or internationally for between 4 cents to 9 cents per 160 character text message.

Once again, they are expecting a similar surge on Valentine’s day, and are putting procedures in place to make sure that they system can effectively cope with this surge in all countries internationally.

Webtel.mobi’s system is available to all web-enabled mobile phones internationally, in all countries and on all networks. It is free to join, and no contract is required.

To use webtel.mobi, consumers just have to go to the Webtel.mobi site at http://www.webtel.mobi from their mobile phone (or their desktop) and join. They can then load credit onto their accounts via PayPal, and begin calling or texting immediately.

Webtel.mobi also has a desktop Help and FAQ site at http://www.webtel.mobi/pc where consumers can get information on the Webtel.mobi service and its Rates.

Webtel.mobi has also uploaded a video explaining its service to YouTube, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiheLVVE5qw

Webtel.mobi’s spokesman confirmed that persons who join the service prior to Valentine’s Day will be able to take advantage of the Webtel.mobi Valentine’s Day Special – whereby people who have joined up prior to 14 February will be provided with Free Texting Credit on Valentine’s Day, which will allow them to send up to two texts anywhere in the world for free.

About Webtel.mobi :

Webtel.mobi is the mobile phone division of the company Worldbizonline.com Limited – an international Advertising and Communication company which uses the internet as its platform.


Myanmar-Free Calls: A Valentine's Day Contest

Yangon: Myanmar or Burma is always a destination where the phone call rates are too high or expensive, but here are few resources to make an unlimited free or cheap call to Myanmar or Burma:


The above URL is giving away a contest to make unlimited free call for 24 hours to your valentine (say I Love You for free in your voice), this Valentines Day, courtesy BamarTalk,

More cheap call to Myanmar links:

1. http://myatthura.blogspot.com/2009/01/free-low-cost-phone-call-to-myanmar_19.html

2. http://www.bamarlay.com/2008/12/free-low-cost-phone-call-to-myanmar/comment-page-1/#comment-1567

3. http://www.bamartalk.com/

4. http://www.bamarlay.com/2006/02/free-cell-phone-stuff/

5. http://www.bamarinnovations.com/

6. http://www.bamartalk.com/information.php?info_id=15


Call Answering-Virtual PA; Free Trial for one week

Let the calling professional veterans take care of your incoming business phone call answering needs,

UK: Edinburgh based professional connects call answering company callanswering.org.uk is offering the Virtual PA (private assistance) or Call answering service, this is free to try for full one week, any number of incoming phone call can be handle by this UK based Connect telephone answering service,


Do not let your business incoming calls be hanged when you are busy, do not use voice mail or pre recorded answering machines, instead to boost up your business so TRY (one week free) virtual PA or try professional call answering services for free for full one week to handle your incoming phone calls,

The best thing about this Call Answering service is that it sends your messages to you at once using email /sms-text message.

Further this professional virtual P.A.(your virtual office) / Call Answering service you are free to make your incoming phone calls transferred to you just like this professional call answering team is your in-house receptionist : ) {they manually entered the codes into your phone, instruct BT Exchange to divert your phone calls},

Every incoming phone call is promised to be answered in your company name, desired or even with any message or greeting whichever you like and request them,

Their normal biz office hours are 07:30hrs – 18:30hrs, Monday - Friday. Out of these timings, they operate an individual / personalized voice mail for their customers.

Seems to be a wonderful professional calls answering service in this era of recession one can save funds otherwise to have employ the team of staff to do this call handling job, this is a complete call handling service for any business needs,

Try for free call answering connects service / virtual PA (no credit card numbers needed, no downloads, no advance deposits, no maximum time limits to use free call answering service, so use it unlimited and free for full one week, no obligations and no catch)




Connects call answering will bill you for the incoming phone calls which turned into transferring to a caller or sending a SMS to the desired, they assures all that connects call answering never bill you for any type of sales calls / any wrong numbers or / and any other unsolicited cold calls -phone calls!

You will be happy, and your callers would be too, as they will experience a customer care service, and even they would never know that they are talking to your Virtual assistant or a Virtual PA and not with your own office staff, just like any overseas call center operates who has the responsibility to fulfill the outsourcing needs of its clients'.



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