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A specialized mobile service provider Webtel.mobi has just launched and is significantly cutting the costs for mobile calls and texts worldwide by up to 80%.

The services means that people traveling abroad can make mobile phone calls cheaper than by using their own, or host networks, and can thereby avoid heavy “roaming” charges.

No more shocking bills weeks or months after you return from your dream holiday or important business trip!

Webtel.mobi can be used by any person with a web-enabled mobile phone from anywhere in the world from their own phone – regardless of the contract type or local service provider, and with no need to change their service provider or their own phone number.

The Webtel.mobi service cuts costs for calling and texting from mobile phones for local, international and roaming calls and texts, and provides the same rate sheet to all countries worldwide. Webtel.mobi is also now one of the largest mobile calling and texting providers in the world by geographical reach and coverage.

Its technology platform integrates mobile calling and texting over the internet from mobile phones, via a remote a Next Generation Switch. As long as the calling phone is web enabled, the caller can call or text any other phone worldwide easily and for up to 80% less than via their mobile operator.

Stuart Sterzel, CEO of Webtel.mobi, said: “In 2007 over US$800 Billion was spent on mobile phone communication internationally, with US$100 Billion on texting alone. This year it is set to rise above US$1 Trillion. As people look to save money in the credit crunch, Webtel.mobi will cut the cost of their calls and texts dramatically, whether it be for local or international calls or texts, and for both Contact and Pay-as-you-Talk users.”

Independent industry experts and commentators have also gone on the record to say that the Webtel.mobi product has good functionality and is easy to use.

Frost and Sullivan mobile telecommunications analyst Saverio Romeo added: “International calls are so expensive simply due to lack of attention by the mobile industry and a lack of pressure from regulatory authorities. Webtel.mobi will have a great impact on the competition and a great impact on reducing these charges.”

Sign up to Webtel.mobi is free, and is a simple 30 second online process. There are no contract requirements and users may join or leave whenever they wish to.

Webtel.mobi is set to launch in Q1 2009 in 20 languages. It brought forward the launch of its English-language site to Q4 2008 to provide consumers with a cost-saving alternative over the end-of-year period; which sees texting rise to volumes of up to 2.2 Billion per day, per country - and five times that number in calls.

Users can access the Webtel.mobi site from their web-enabled mobile phones (or event their desktop or laptop computers) at -


There is desktop website providing information on Webtel.mobi at -


Television footage with detailed information on Webtel.mobi is available at -


About Webtel.mobi

The company is based in Guernsey, UK from where it runs its international operations and is a subsidiary of Worldbizonline.com Limited, an international advertising and communications company which uses the internet as its platform.

The Webtel.mobi site is being prepared for launch in 20 languages in early 2009. Full outline of Webtel.mobi rates are available at


For further information, please contact:

Ed Grattan, Biss Lancaster

Tel: +44 (0) 207467 9320 Mob: + 44 (0) 7817 413792



After trillions have been wiped off world markets, people around the globe are trying to make their money go further – and they’re not being helped by international telecommunications cartels, whose sky-high call, texting and roaming charges are not only hampering economic recovery and growth, but starting to worry legislators.

There are more than 4 billion mobile phone users internationally, and last year alone, consumers bought more than 1.15 billion mobile handsets and spent trillions of dollars.

But now, there is a mobile phone-enabled website for low cost texting and low cost calling directly from mobile phones.

Mobile phone owners (who almost all have free or very low cost access to the internet) will be able to send texts, and make calls to land lines or mobile phones, directly from their own mobile phones, but at rates which are a fraction of the cost of their own providers’ rates.

www.webtel.mobi is going to shake up the telecommunications industry.

That industry is already worrying a lot of people. In 2007 Europeans spent 800 million Euros in SMS roaming charges alone. EU telecommunications minister Viviane Reding I so concerned about the cost of mobile telephony that she has proposed lowering roaming charges to 11 euro cents from current level of about 29 euro cents for SMS texts.

But, expectations are that it will be some time before the legislators get their way. And, even the proposed reduced rates will still be expensive in comparison to those offers by www.webtel.mobi

The webtel.mobi site is accessible to all mobile phones with Internet access. A call from the webtel.mobi systems has two legs. Leg A is the calls from the webtel.mobi switch to the caller’s number, and Leg B is the call from the webtel.mobi switch to the recipient’s number, which connects the two calls.

The call charge is the charge for both legs combined, being:-
• Leg A – The charge for the country from which the call originates.
• Leg B – The charge for country to which the call is being made.

The total cost of the call is therefore –
• The call charge from country A
• The call charge to country B (or also to country A)

• There is also a one-off connection charge of 5 Euro cents.

• For roaming calls, the user is charged by his/her operator for the cost of an incoming roaming call whenever he/she makes a call over the webtel.mobi system.

On mobile to mobile calls – National
webtel.mobi is cheaper than many mobile operators.

mobile to landline – National
webtel.mobi is significantly cheaper than almost all mobile operators.

mobile to mobile – International
webtel.mobi is significantly cheaper than most mobile operators.

mobile to mobile – Roaming
webtel.mobi is significantly cheaper than almost all mobile operators.

mobile to landline – Roaming
webtel.mobi is significantly cheaper than almost all mobile operators.

landline to landline
webtel.mobi is significantly cheaper than almost all operators.

A similar cost saving is offered in the texting (SMS) sphere, where international costs (including roaming surcharges) are inordinately high.

Competitors like Skype do not offer the full range of services, at the sort of rates that webtel.mobi does – and they force you to buy a specific handset. They also do not allow mobile handsets to be used to make the Net links.

Webtel.mobi is the mobile site of www.worldbizonline.com which offers the same range of low cost communication facilities, but also offers a sophisticated, free, multimedia advertising platform and host of web tools and facilities.

Stuart Sterzel, Worldbizonline CEO, says that webtel.mobi’s offering is “going to help private and business users reduce their communications costs dramatically.”

He adds: “The cartels are not going to like what we are doing, but we believe that telecommunications costs are strangling growth in good times and delaying or preventing recovery in times of downturn, such as we are experiencing currently.”


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Yaacov Gafni, "The Voip Expert" here.

I must say "Webtel Mobi" is certainly not one of the cheapest providers as it charges on both legs of a call. Some prividers such as MOBIVOX Jajah and others are MUCH cheaper.

The best one I know is "GOT". You can check it out by clicking the link- yaacovgafni.gotmyplan.com

Anonymous said...

webtel.mobi is NOT VoIP. It only uses the internet to make the connection, other than that it uses normal phone lines. As a result call quality is very good and if you have a web-enabled phone you do not need to make a call from your computer.

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