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Free phone calls from PC or IP Calls or web calls, VOIP or Internet telephony or SIP or Soft Phone etc etc are all synonyms to make a free to cheap unlimited international voice calls using broadband or wi-fi over international hotspots or via 2.7G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G and above mobile networks! 

Zakophone.com (ZaKoTel Telekommunikations GmbH has been founded 2006 in Vienna Austria) is providing the VOIP international free net call (voice) and promises the high quality which is both affordable and reliable! They are providing the 1 hour free voice VOIP calling, no software etc to install to make a free international VOIP call, VOIP calls are always free or cheap so now many people use VoIP voice calls to terminate there calls. 

With Zakophone one can make a trial free VOIP voice phone call from everywhere without any software installation, and it would be reachable on every PC, and this flash based technology to make VOIP call work's with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems : ) 

Zakophone uses the flash based web phone (ZaKoPhone use the Flash Player 10 ) / flash phone technology to make free VOIP calls, this VOIP free flash phone is going to be available to international users to make overseas call from February 2009, so you may keep an eye, 

World Package: Trial free voice calls / free voice VOIP could be made to these countries: 

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Hong Kong Hong Kong – Mobile, Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Luxemburg Malaysia Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Portugal Puerto Rico Singapore – Mobile, Slovakia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United States – Hawaii US Virgin Islands 

To make cheap / low cost VOIP voice calls to non WORLD PACKAGE one can purchase credit or VOIP minutes and they ensures for all customers that their payment methods is good for all whom who do not own a credit card or bank account, ZaKoPhone support Western Union (NYSE: WU) and Moneygram (NYSE: MGI, that’s why anybody can use this flash based VOIP voice call from web browser, service . 

ZakoPhone also have a solution for VoIP and Asterisk© Open Source PBX : 


I can not figure the names of India, Pakistan, UAE (Gulf) etc here so Indian subcontinent is again missed by this VOIP provider too like many others : ( 








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VOIP also known as broadband phone. Voice over Internet Protocol is a device used to transmit human voice through internet by digitizing voice into discrete packets that are transferred independently over the network, instead of traditional circuit-committed protocols of the PSTN.

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