Speech to Text Transcription: On Board Voice Call Alternative!

Voice To Text on-Board / In-Flight:

Do not type texts just speak them and let them fly : ) Nice solution for busy or very busy persons on the go or in the mid air...

SpinVox is UK / British technology company; they claim to be the very first in unique service of converting voicemails into the text messages, via the technology of speech to text transcription / speech recognition.

This voicemails into the text messages transcription service converts the voicemail into a mobile phone SMS / text message or an email.

This support multi lingual platform viz. US, UK English, The French, Spanish a& German and many more languages are on the cards

How It Works:


They called this VoiceMail to Text Message technology as smart D2: simply VoiceMail-Text Messaging technology catches the spoken words than it feed them into the Voice Message Conversion System, this is the ‘D2’ (or the Brain), than this tech throw your spoken content in the form of the text content.


The great about Spinvox software and technology is and that is why now it is targeting the US air travellers and who are right now unable or being prohibited to use a mobile phone voice call in or during a flight.

SpinVox, voice to text technology can help air passengers as they can in-flight / on board now can receive the voice messages through email in the data-only environment and also can reply through an email on board, in the air and when they land on the ground they can than always reply via voice call / SMS text!

Technologies are daily changing the lives and communication tech is always have been the vital sector amongst of all.

Try this SpinVox, its easy and when you leave a voicemail soon the desired guy will receive an email in his / her mobile's inbox (you have a mail).

Until the USA's Federal Communications Commission and / or The Congress permits the use of in-flight voice calls via mobile phones, SpinVox is a nice and cheap solution available and on can at least receive important voicemails.

But this is not global and supports right now only UK, US, Canada, France, Germany & Spain…




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