US President Barack Obama’s Special Blackberry

President Barack Obama > White House > His super security Wireless PDA high tech BlackBerry 8700 Device (hack proof) > US Security Concern

Barack Obama is the Very First USA President to keep a Blackberry cell phone, He is making history as first Afro-American to be the US President, now his wonder gadget is making the news headlines all over the world : )

Fox news revealed that it is official that The US President Barack Obama who is rather a tech guy too and loves his Blackberry 8700 mobile phone can use the Blackberry handheld mobile gadget as cleared by the US Presidential security agencies / NSA,

Barack Obama can use this blackberry as its 'security enhanced’ and it comes all for whopping $3,350 (two years warranty), made by General Dynamics C4 (Sectera Edge), this will be exclusive to the President and not come to general public, this unique high tech secured PDA is unclassified PDA which goes classified PDA at one touch of button, this wonder gadget is much better and for real than that of 007 James Bond : ) it is not a fiction or Sci-Fi Hollywood movie either : )

This is the Blackberry that Barack Obama as a US President is allowed by security agencies to use as a US President.

President can securely and seamlessly access TOP secret emails and secret website with this unclassified to classified Blackberry PDA handheld high tech device, he could now always be in touch with a close group of his family & friends!

In Canada RIM or research in motion the Blackberry makers, encrypts the device Blackberry but in US, for the President, to make the tech device more secure and fruitful, and to avoid hacking etc, as hacking could be one big concern for Presidents Blackberry and General Dynamics is pretty sure that if NSA (US national security agency) will pass / approve this Blackberry than it is pretty sure that this handheld or wireless Presidential Blackberry PDA is HACKING PROOF : )

Long live the technology, its great : )


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Mark Jenkins said...

CNN was way off, and you didn't confirm it. The Sectera Edge is a Windows Mobile device, and thus, not a BlackBerry.

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