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I discovered after writing this post on OFP that this is a VOIP SCAM so pl beware, read here:

OurFreePhone (OFP): Mobile VOIP / MOIP-Unlimited International Free Voice Calls (via Voice as a data packet over internet)

OFP's motto is: Call the World for Free using smart mobile to smart mobile like Windows based and Symbian operating system based smart mobiles to make an International voice calls for free, for international IM (instant messaging) / chat you can use java based smart mobile handsets,

1. 3G/HSDPA or 2.7G connectivity is needed (or Wi-fi / broadband hotspot is needed) on smart mobile handsets (Windows based and Symbian(ver 3.0 , S-60) operating system) to make free OFP-OFP: mobile to mobile voice calling anywhere in the world, (works like Fring or barablu or Truphone etc)...INDIA STILL HAVE 3G/HSDPA only on MTNL's JADOO, so tough job to hold VOIP free call market in India, right now : (

2. For mobile to mobile (Java / Windows / Symbian smart mobiles) SMS / Text / chat / IM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G etc are sufficient,

3. OurFreePhone (OFP) software need to be downloaded on compatible handsets to make free voice call or data chat / IM

4. 15 days free trial pack comes to make unlimited free International voice calls / chat / SMS,

This Italy based VOIP telecom co. OurFreePhone (OFP): is the VERY part of and just made a soft launch in India (where there mobility has reached as a mania) on anuary11, 2009, it also has its presence in these countries right now:

Italy (Home Country), Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Gulf), Bahrain, Germany, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Philippines, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Romania and adding new countries,

This site supports many languages like English, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese,

OFP claims itself to be the very first & only telecom / phone VOIP company which is paying its users to talk or make a VOIP call that’s too for free on its software supported smart mobiles (Java / Windows / Symbian smart mobiles) on 3G/HSDPA network for voice calls and EDGE / GPRS etc for sms / chat / IM etc.

OFP is using the new generation SS7 (Signaling system7, optical fiber cable to terminate its VOIP Calls) cables technology under the sea / underground, to provide peer to peer (P2P) VoIP cheap to free mobile calling which is said to given much better voice clarity and quality even good than Skype VoIP brand leader : )

The OFP enterprise VOIP servers are right now rout outgoing VOIP calls / work from US, Austria, Austrian Telecom and VOIP calls are routed via Austria.. so Austrian Telecom pays Indian and Int'l telcos, the call termination charges, OFP has invested on networks and equipments etc, $40 millions to make their international VOIP calls Wi-Fi / Wi-Max enabled,

OFP - CEO is Antonio GrassoAntoni, the parent's company Seven Rings International's President is Elia De Prisco,

It seems they are eying VOIP brand leader Skype which has approx till now 20 million global VOIP subscribers, E-Bay's (Estonia based) Skype VOIP SIP / SOFTPHONE is the most popular VOIP gadget in the world, and now OFP seems to all set to challenge Skype via its MOIP / Mobile VOIP, mobile to mobile free VOIP unlimited International calls : )

Try yourself, it is free for 15 days... Link removed as it no more works,

OFP Appreciation program:

Italy based OFP OurFreePhone has a network marketing or M-L-M (Multi Level Marketing) or many know this as chain marketing plan to get paid / compensate its brand VOIP leaders who are promoting this VOIP company which is providing free calls on mobile to mobile anywhere just like FRING!

But what we think is VOIP is the future and its great to have this OFP presence, but network marketing, I doubt will work, as ultimately many M-L-Ms proved to be illegal Pon-zy schemes, time will tell, so take good care before making investment in the companies which claims to get you paid via network marketing, though no harm to use VOIP free calls between OFP-OFP users : ) Free is good,


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