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Would you call it a scoop or telecom breaking news? OK let’s decide after reading this story:

After launching Skype Lite for Java mobiles and Google Android platform the E-Bay Inc's Skype VoIP seems to be in strong mood to launch Skype mobile VOIP for Apple iPhone, thus enabling Apple / Apple 3G iPhone into a full fledged Skype VOIP calling mobile handset,

Skype is still the hottest and most loved VOIP platform technology in the world and uses P2P or peer to peer technology to provide free / cheap VoIP phone calls-Video unlimited voice calls.

Skype users over the globe and charismatic wonder gadget the iPhone users too are waiting for this ‘Cosmic Nuptial Knot’ with an eye : ) It is coming…

Above telecom news from Associated Press tells everything and anticipates the launch of Skype free calls / VoIP Call to an iPhone Apps store...

Currently VoIP free calls can be made via iPhone using Fring and mobile VOIP / MOIP technology

Also a new version of VOIP brand Skype software for Windows is expected to hit coming February, it would have a full screen video, voice calling feature and would also some advancement in Skype VOIP audio quality.

VoIP global and unmatched leader Skype had already launched the latest version for Apple Macintosh computers. Now Skype VOIP will release / launch an open source version for small type of Intel based PCs / laptops which uses Linux software.

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