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SanFrancisco: USA: Dial / Receive Unlimited International VoIP Calls via Skype VoIP, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, SIP, many other VoIP brands @ local national mobile calls / local mobile minutes, even on GSM networks...use Apple iPhone as a direct PBX Wi-Fi or 3G needed

What a wonderful 2 letter domain

This domain name itself suggest that as it is only a 2 letter domain so even the sheer name of this VOIP domain may be costs hundreds thousands of dollars! There are no virgin domains left for 2 / 3 / 4 letter words now in this world : ( hence is the price!

Well, VoIP is the wonder way to make a cheap phone call using Internet connectivity for the global friends and businesses. Apple's iPhone is yet another name for the cult of our times AND when VOIP meets Apple iPhone than what happens you know than comes the


RF Dialler is very first iPhone app and it permits SIP URI calls, it permits to integrate the hundreds of SIP based VoIP providers and also the IP based PBX etc like open source Asterisk PBX / Communigate Pro etc, RF also provides biz users to use the Apple iPhone as direct PBX extension, it sounds promising / amazing!

With we can dial or receive unlimited international VoIP call (iPhone too is in the permitted mobiles list) via Skype VoIP, GoogleTalk, Yahoo, MSN, SIP, many other VoIP brands and services for only the cost of a local national mobile call using RF Dialer courtesy: Ring Free Mobility, Inc. is providing the free VOIP call facility on apple iphone anywhere in the world! This is a nice VOIP application to be used with iPhone, and currently not available in Apple Apps store?! basically adds the mobility to apple's iPhone via any GSM network in 35 different countries right now. They are as:

Argentina Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Cyprus Denmark El Salvador Estonia France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland Romania Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States

You can note that here South Asia's India, UAE, Gulf etc are absent of free VOIP calling nation's list here but Pakistan and Bahrain are there : (

From these listed nations one can dial a RF call (via Skype / GoogleTalk / Yahoo / Yahoo / MSN / Your own VoIP provider / an Asterisk PBX / Your office phone system...) over the entire national mobile network including GSM mobile networks no need to search for Hotspots, Wi-Fi, Edge, GPRS, 3G connectivity etc...! is in the expansion spree of its wonder VOIP / SIP-URI software / application to other platforms (other than apple's iPhone) too and soon this would also work with Google G1 Android cell phones, Nokia Symbian S60 series mobile phones etc.

What is SIP-URI: The SIP URI is a SIP addressing scheme to make call to an another person via SIP...

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The RF Dialer app now has many alternative. But, it is still one of my best choice when it comes to functionality and features.

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