GPS-iPhone-BlackBerry: Call Swap, Transfer and Redirect Between a Conversation

An iphone / iphone 3G app developed by Freedom Voice Systems.

(According to CNET:"...Freedom Voice submitted Newber to Apple for approval to sell it in the iTunes store in October, Apple has not approved the app for distribution. It hasn't denied it, either....)

Newber is made for Apple iPhone and Blackberry and permits business users to redirect / transfer phone calls from current phone conversation to any other phone without missing or hindering the ongoing phone conversation, it’s like adding a free second business line to iPhone or BlackBerry,

It is a First Location-Aware Business Number app. having in built GPS navigation technology. One is even permitted to swap phone handsets in between the conversation / calls without breaking or interrupting the ongoing call : )

NewBer = New + (Num)ber

NewBer Features:

-One can receive / dial iPhone calls when even in bad reception,

-Receive phone calls even in iPhone low battery,

-Receive phone calls without using iPhone minutes,

-Full features of land line on iPhone.

Newber is Smart phone in built GPS technology and has a brain functionality to decide itself which phone takes a call based on your current location hence it directs your phone calls to your mobile handset or so accordingly. Really an interesting App if Apple iPhone / iTune gives it a green signal to go : )


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