Free Phone Call from Australia to Gaza Strip (Middle East)

Absolutely International (Australia to Gaza Strip) free phone Calls from Telstra retail customers' home land lines (home phones) to the peace disturbed Gaza area (Mid East)....Telstra Aussie customers (in Oz / Australia) are able to call for free of phone tariffs from their home phones and to check about the well being of their friends and family members in the Gaza Strip area, in the peace disturbed (International diplomatic efforts failed) Middle East...where Hamas and Israel forces are at the loggerhead right now....

Though the Telstra humanitarian move to offer Free phone international calls from its network from Australia - Gaza could be in vain as in the Israeli attacks the telecom infrastructure there may (is) be bad in shape, the main telco there Patel Group had warned that 90+ percent of the mobile telecom network has been ruined and many phone lines needs a heavy repair!

That’s why Australian telco Telstra had appealed that to be brief & specific while on free call to Gaza from Australia as of the damaged telecom networks.

Telco Telstra is trying to give a telecom assistance package to its customers as a relief measure in the Gaza area of Middle East where unrest is still on go and all are seeking for a long peace now. (By this move, the Telstra is again in the news / uproar by this free call to Gaza step by media and public opinion)...

This free call offer is valid for the phone calls to Gaza Strip dialed from 12.00 am AEST, Wednesday 7 January 2009 till 12.00am AEST, Thursday 15 January 2009. So make sure to dial a free phone calls to your love ones they need your sweet phone support at least : )

This free call to Gaza Strip, Middle East would apply to the phone calls with the area code 0011 970 8 prefix.



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