Cuba: Cheapest Mobile VOIP Call at $ 0.726

Havana: What I had researched that CUBA is one of the costliest telecom / phone call terminating destination, where the phone calls terminates at the most expensive rates either it terminates to land line or mobile phone,

We know cell phones / mobile phones are just new to Cuban public, they have just a few months back opened the mobility for the general Cuba guys who are neither the government officials and nor diplomats from overseas : )

That’s is one of the reason for expensive phone call termination to Cuba,

Well, on my VOIP research for the Cheapest or low(est) rate phone call / VOIP call provider to Cuba is as:

Right now till date is the cheapest international VOIP call provider to Cuba according to my knowledge, if anybody knows lower rates than these than pl update here via comments or email to me : ) 

They are providing VOIP cheap call to Cuba landlines @ 0.736 USD per minutes (Including VAT)

There are a few VOIP providers providing cheap call to Cuba mobiles are as:

LowRateVoip, VoipBusterPro, VoipCheap etc

These all three VOIP providers are giving cheapest VOIP call rates to Cuba mobiles @ 0.726 USD per minutes (including VAT),

These mobile VOIP rate to Cuba are even a bit lesser than the VOIP calls to landlines in Cuba : ) these rates are till date and may vary with the time,


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