Skype-VOIP Call from an Airplane

BBC Dial-in First Skype VoIP call from the air-OnBoard (Skype VOIP Free Video calling mid air)

An interesting story with its YouTube Video featured on Skype Blog that how BBC tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, has to do a a live broadcast from an airplane.

Rory Cellan-Jones take a quick leave from the CES exhibition halls to make a demo live broadcast from Air for BBC...BBC tech correspondent was though able to make a broadcast to London, but they could watch them live only for a minute, after that the software freezes the picture.

After that Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC tech correspondent did tried to make a live free Skype video VOIP call (P2P technology) to his colleague Maggie Shiels, at the deep down on the grounds, Earth...she was in the wait to receive live Video P2P VoIP Skype call from the air : ) and yeah VOIP video calling from air worked and video / pictures too worked well, the voice could not be heard properly as of the noise in 1952 flying boats cabin due to low pressure and engine noise etc.

Webcam were used both ends, with an enthusiasm to make free VOIP Skype call from air by the BBC guys and they also Twitter / Twittering each other and proved that broadband system Row 44 on board was perfect and working to make even live VOIP Skype voice and video calls above the Earth / grounds from an airplane!

They BBC guy and others were on-board to make shoot a live film in aircraft and have to make a live demo on on board broadband system (Row 44's Ku band based connectivity system)!

Interestingly USA Today's Q&A with John Guidon (Row 44’s CEO) confirms: ..."We'll also be offering cell phone (mobile) connectivity in 2009 where it is allowed and where airlines ask us for it. I know this has become a political hot potato in the U.S. We're clear on this. Customers, for us, are airlines. We'll do what airlines want us to do. We have the technology to offer cell phone connectivity."...

...So that not only the VOIP calls but even mobile phone / cellphone calls on board are on the cards in USA and Row 44 will soon be expanding in Europe too : )

But at the same time after reading this story, I was thinking how BBC tech reporter Rory Cellan-Jones managed to make Skype VOIP call on-board? Perhaps he would find some moments to address this here on Talkfree7 : ) we would be really thankful...

Popular VOIP expert Andyabramson used a flash based Twitter (login via Twitter) programme to make VOIP voice call over the air onboard / airplane (with GOGO in flight internet service) as his Skype VOIP call was blocked over the air in American Airlines. Read Here: American Airlines: VoIP, Free Call

But BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Rory Cellan-Jones was successfully able to make Skype VOIP call over the air, this is really amazing : ) do anybody knows the clue?


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