Cuba: Cheapest Mobile VOIP Call at $ 0.726

Havana: What I had researched that CUBA is one of the costliest telecom / phone call terminating destination, where the phone calls terminates at the most expensive rates either it terminates to land line or mobile phone,

We know cell phones / mobile phones are just new to Cuban public, they have just a few months back opened the mobility for the general Cuba guys who are neither the government officials and nor diplomats from overseas : )

That’s is one of the reason for expensive phone call termination to Cuba,

Well, on my VOIP research for the Cheapest or low(est) rate phone call / VOIP call provider to Cuba is as:

Right now till date is the cheapest international VOIP call provider to Cuba according to my knowledge, if anybody knows lower rates than these than pl update here via comments or email to me : ) 

They are providing VOIP cheap call to Cuba landlines @ 0.736 USD per minutes (Including VAT)

There are a few VOIP providers providing cheap call to Cuba mobiles are as:

LowRateVoip, VoipBusterPro, VoipCheap etc

These all three VOIP providers are giving cheapest VOIP call rates to Cuba mobiles @ 0.726 USD per minutes (including VAT),

These mobile VOIP rate to Cuba are even a bit lesser than the VOIP calls to landlines in Cuba : ) these rates are till date and may vary with the time,


Cheapest VOIP Call to Morocco + Free Test Call

Casablanca (Morocco): Morocco is always being one of the hot destinations from Talkfree7 has many loyal return visitors,

So for the sake of all we are featuring the lowest rates international SIP / VOIP calls to Morocco from the rest of the world,

the VOIP rates comparison (at real time), at a glance, portal, is really doing the wonderful job to find the lowest rates VOIP calls to any nation, I did made a search to find the cheap / low rate VOIP international calls for Morocco and it featured the above URL

After making the VOIP rates comparison, I did came to the conclusion, that till date, the cheapest VOIP phone calls provider to Morocco is:

they are providing the international VOIP calls from rest of the world to Morocco for only:

VoIP Calls to To Morocco Landline from Anywhere: 0.05 Euros + VAT = 0.06 Euro

VoIP Calls to To Morocco Mobiles from Anywhere: 0.130 Euros + VAT = 0.155 Euro


If somebody knows cheaper VOIP calls than that of these they may guide us : ) always,

These VOIP Call rates to Morocco are even cheaper than

which is supposed to be the cheapest VOIP call provider by some VOIP Blogs : )

Calleasy is not only providing the cheapest VOIP call to Morocco on this Earth but also promises to give free Trial VOIP call to the world including that of Morocco so try free VOIP call to Morocco before buying the cheap VOIP cal minutes to Morocco or to the rest of the world here:

Unfortunately VoIP leader Skype and VOIP Buster seems to be one of the most expensive VOIP Call providers to Morocco!

So, Call Morocco 00212, VOIP : test it for free and than make lowest international rates VOIP unlimited calling to Morocco : )


VOIP: SIP-Free Internet Voice Calls

Free phone calls from PC or IP Calls or web calls, VOIP or Internet telephony or SIP or Soft Phone etc etc are all synonyms to make a free to cheap unlimited international voice calls using broadband or wi-fi over international hotspots or via 2.7G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G and above mobile networks! (ZaKoTel Telekommunikations GmbH has been founded 2006 in Vienna Austria) is providing the VOIP international free net call (voice) and promises the high quality which is both affordable and reliable! They are providing the 1 hour free voice VOIP calling, no software etc to install to make a free international VOIP call, VOIP calls are always free or cheap so now many people use VoIP voice calls to terminate there calls. 

With Zakophone one can make a trial free VOIP voice phone call from everywhere without any software installation, and it would be reachable on every PC, and this flash based technology to make VOIP call work's with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems : ) 

Zakophone uses the flash based web phone (ZaKoPhone use the Flash Player 10 ) / flash phone technology to make free VOIP calls, this VOIP free flash phone is going to be available to international users to make overseas call from February 2009, so you may keep an eye, 

World Package: Trial free voice calls / free voice VOIP could be made to these countries: 

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Hong Kong Hong Kong – Mobile, Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Luxemburg Malaysia Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Portugal Puerto Rico Singapore – Mobile, Slovakia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United States – Hawaii US Virgin Islands 

To make cheap / low cost VOIP voice calls to non WORLD PACKAGE one can purchase credit or VOIP minutes and they ensures for all customers that their payment methods is good for all whom who do not own a credit card or bank account, ZaKoPhone support Western Union (NYSE: WU) and Moneygram (NYSE: MGI, that’s why anybody can use this flash based VOIP voice call from web browser, service . 

ZakoPhone also have a solution for VoIP and Asterisk© Open Source PBX :

I can not figure the names of India, Pakistan, UAE (Gulf) etc here so Indian subcontinent is again missed by this VOIP provider too like many others : ( 


Webtel.Mobi: VoIP-Cheap International Call

Press Release:



YouTube URL of Webtel.Mobi:

A specialized mobile service provider has just launched and is significantly cutting the costs for mobile calls and texts worldwide by up to 80%.

The services means that people traveling abroad can make mobile phone calls cheaper than by using their own, or host networks, and can thereby avoid heavy “roaming” charges.

No more shocking bills weeks or months after you return from your dream holiday or important business trip! can be used by any person with a web-enabled mobile phone from anywhere in the world from their own phone – regardless of the contract type or local service provider, and with no need to change their service provider or their own phone number.

The service cuts costs for calling and texting from mobile phones for local, international and roaming calls and texts, and provides the same rate sheet to all countries worldwide. is also now one of the largest mobile calling and texting providers in the world by geographical reach and coverage.

Its technology platform integrates mobile calling and texting over the internet from mobile phones, via a remote a Next Generation Switch. As long as the calling phone is web enabled, the caller can call or text any other phone worldwide easily and for up to 80% less than via their mobile operator.

Stuart Sterzel, CEO of, said: “In 2007 over US$800 Billion was spent on mobile phone communication internationally, with US$100 Billion on texting alone. This year it is set to rise above US$1 Trillion. As people look to save money in the credit crunch, will cut the cost of their calls and texts dramatically, whether it be for local or international calls or texts, and for both Contact and Pay-as-you-Talk users.”

Independent industry experts and commentators have also gone on the record to say that the product has good functionality and is easy to use.

Frost and Sullivan mobile telecommunications analyst Saverio Romeo added: “International calls are so expensive simply due to lack of attention by the mobile industry and a lack of pressure from regulatory authorities. will have a great impact on the competition and a great impact on reducing these charges.”

Sign up to is free, and is a simple 30 second online process. There are no contract requirements and users may join or leave whenever they wish to. is set to launch in Q1 2009 in 20 languages. It brought forward the launch of its English-language site to Q4 2008 to provide consumers with a cost-saving alternative over the end-of-year period; which sees texting rise to volumes of up to 2.2 Billion per day, per country - and five times that number in calls.

Users can access the site from their web-enabled mobile phones (or event their desktop or laptop computers) at -

There is desktop website providing information on at -

Television footage with detailed information on is available at -


The company is based in Guernsey, UK from where it runs its international operations and is a subsidiary of Limited, an international advertising and communications company which uses the internet as its platform.

The site is being prepared for launch in 20 languages in early 2009. Full outline of rates are available at

For further information, please contact:

Ed Grattan, Biss Lancaster

Tel: +44 (0) 207467 9320 Mob: + 44 (0) 7817 413792


After trillions have been wiped off world markets, people around the globe are trying to make their money go further – and they’re not being helped by international telecommunications cartels, whose sky-high call, texting and roaming charges are not only hampering economic recovery and growth, but starting to worry legislators.

There are more than 4 billion mobile phone users internationally, and last year alone, consumers bought more than 1.15 billion mobile handsets and spent trillions of dollars.

But now, there is a mobile phone-enabled website for low cost texting and low cost calling directly from mobile phones.

Mobile phone owners (who almost all have free or very low cost access to the internet) will be able to send texts, and make calls to land lines or mobile phones, directly from their own mobile phones, but at rates which are a fraction of the cost of their own providers’ rates. is going to shake up the telecommunications industry.

That industry is already worrying a lot of people. In 2007 Europeans spent 800 million Euros in SMS roaming charges alone. EU telecommunications minister Viviane Reding I so concerned about the cost of mobile telephony that she has proposed lowering roaming charges to 11 euro cents from current level of about 29 euro cents for SMS texts.

But, expectations are that it will be some time before the legislators get their way. And, even the proposed reduced rates will still be expensive in comparison to those offers by

The site is accessible to all mobile phones with Internet access. A call from the systems has two legs. Leg A is the calls from the switch to the caller’s number, and Leg B is the call from the switch to the recipient’s number, which connects the two calls.

The call charge is the charge for both legs combined, being:-
• Leg A – The charge for the country from which the call originates.
• Leg B – The charge for country to which the call is being made.

The total cost of the call is therefore –
• The call charge from country A
• The call charge to country B (or also to country A)

• There is also a one-off connection charge of 5 Euro cents.

• For roaming calls, the user is charged by his/her operator for the cost of an incoming roaming call whenever he/she makes a call over the system.

On mobile to mobile calls – National is cheaper than many mobile operators.

mobile to landline – National is significantly cheaper than almost all mobile operators.

mobile to mobile – International is significantly cheaper than most mobile operators.

mobile to mobile – Roaming is significantly cheaper than almost all mobile operators.

mobile to landline – Roaming is significantly cheaper than almost all mobile operators.

landline to landline is significantly cheaper than almost all operators.

A similar cost saving is offered in the texting (SMS) sphere, where international costs (including roaming surcharges) are inordinately high.

Competitors like Skype do not offer the full range of services, at the sort of rates that does – and they force you to buy a specific handset. They also do not allow mobile handsets to be used to make the Net links. is the mobile site of which offers the same range of low cost communication facilities, but also offers a sophisticated, free, multimedia advertising platform and host of web tools and facilities.

Stuart Sterzel, Worldbizonline CEO, says that’s offering is “going to help private and business users reduce their communications costs dramatically.”

He adds: “The cartels are not going to like what we are doing, but we believe that telecommunications costs are strangling growth in good times and delaying or preventing recovery in times of downturn, such as we are experiencing currently.”

Dial 0870-BT Landline-Free overseas calls

Free Calls from 0870-BT Landline, UK-UK, US, Germany, India, Pakistan, Gulf, UAE or / and to the rest of World (landline / mobile) using BT 0870 landline toll free number (time restrictions may apply)

BT = British Telecommunications Group plc / British Telecom

BT Free Call Time Restriction

UK's premium non-geographic numbers or NGN calling phone numbers 0845 & 0870 are now toll free (from January 16, 2009), the above featured URLs tells an interesting story, to make unlimited overseas free phone calls from landline BT 0870 # which is now toll free, these above URLs permits to map an overseas phone number, that is why when you dial 0870 (anytime call package) you are connected, this 0870 BT landline number is free to call, so the articles depicts that one can do free international calls (mobile or landlines) using this BT's 0870 number,


I, just within 1 hour received my reply from David Knell from and he just confirmed that their free overseas calling service is genuine and also free to use as they are NOT charging any service charges etc to use this free call facility via BT landline toll free # 0870.

The free calls to UK mobiles could also be dialed using this landline BT 0870 toll free number (you should surely check for the timings with BT, when it is free),

BT landline # 0870 fair use policy to make free calls:

Per month the max of 1000 minutes or 150 phone calls are allowed, to be consumed (whichever is reached first), each phone call is limited to max 60 FREE minutes = 1 hour, call that will exceed the limit will be billed at normal tariff of 7.5p per minute.


UK Landline: Daytime Free Local Call & 0845 and 0870 Numbers

Send Free SMS on Valentine's Day

February 14th is the Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day is near and many of us would find here and there the free Valentine's Day / love / love text messages collection to send sms to our friends, and valentines, so here is the collection of free love / Valentine's day SMS messages:

Talkfree7 wishes a very happy Valentine / love day ahead, have a lots of romance, fun, red roses and masti with your sweetheart : )



VoIP-Free Calls on Chinese New Year by LocalPhone

LocalPhone is a leading international cheap VOIP phone call provider to the world and VoIP Guides terms this their best favorite cheap to free international unlimited call provider,

Chinese New Year {CNY} is here and to make a VOIP free call this festive season LocalPhone is promoting free VOIP calls to China: year of Ox is here and that is why Local phone have to offer absolutely 100% free calls daily during this 2009 Chinese New Year festival.

The first 20 minutes of VOIP free call to the China landlines phones or any mobile phones numbers, per day are absolutely free of cost, unbelievable : ) but true, so feel free to call free China to greet your family, friends, near & dears there this Chinese New Ox Year! I love freebies and everybody too : ) The free call to china promotions starts at 00:00 China Standard Time (GMT +8) from January 26, 2009, till 23:59:59 , February 9, 2009,

But here is a little tweak or a CATCH, the site depicts as: "calls to China during this period will be charged at the standard rate of 0.8p per minute and after the promotion has completed you will receive a rebate in the form of Local phone credit for the first twenty minutes of call time used each day."


Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai Kung Hei Fat Choi

US President Barack Obama’s Special Blackberry

President Barack Obama > White House > His super security Wireless PDA high tech BlackBerry 8700 Device (hack proof) > US Security Concern

Barack Obama is the Very First USA President to keep a Blackberry cell phone, He is making history as first Afro-American to be the US President, now his wonder gadget is making the news headlines all over the world : )

Fox news revealed that it is official that The US President Barack Obama who is rather a tech guy too and loves his Blackberry 8700 mobile phone can use the Blackberry handheld mobile gadget as cleared by the US Presidential security agencies / NSA,

Barack Obama can use this blackberry as its 'security enhanced’ and it comes all for whopping $3,350 (two years warranty), made by General Dynamics C4 (Sectera Edge), this will be exclusive to the President and not come to general public, this unique high tech secured PDA is unclassified PDA which goes classified PDA at one touch of button, this wonder gadget is much better and for real than that of 007 James Bond : ) it is not a fiction or Sci-Fi Hollywood movie either : )

This is the Blackberry that Barack Obama as a US President is allowed by security agencies to use as a US President.

President can securely and seamlessly access TOP secret emails and secret website with this unclassified to classified Blackberry PDA handheld high tech device, he could now always be in touch with a close group of his family & friends!

In Canada RIM or research in motion the Blackberry makers, encrypts the device Blackberry but in US, for the President, to make the tech device more secure and fruitful, and to avoid hacking etc, as hacking could be one big concern for Presidents Blackberry and General Dynamics is pretty sure that if NSA (US national security agency) will pass / approve this Blackberry than it is pretty sure that this handheld or wireless Presidential Blackberry PDA is HACKING PROOF : )

Long live the technology, its great : )


Unlimited calls for free to Canada-HK-China-Malay-Taiwan-Singapore

Call Free: Canada-HK-China-Malay-Taiwan-SingaPore-Unlimited

Canada's Rogers cable telecom is gifting an unlimited free international calls on Chinese New Year occasion, to its customers in Canada the home phone users segment a gift of free international telecoms / long distance phone calls to Asian countries, viz.: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong on only 25th & 26th January, 2009 (8:00am - 8:00am, Canada local time), (but Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Pinoy-Philippines etc are not in the free call from Rogers cable, Canada list)...

Just check out for sure the fine prints / if any catch is there, before making a rush, this is Chinese language so we can not help very much, we just know free call from Rogers cable, Canada to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong are on the way on Chinese New Year, say it with flowers : )

Happy Chinese New Year to all from Takfree7: HAPPY Chinese NEW YEAR Gong Xi Fa Cai Kung Hei Fat Choi, Happy free calls!



Unlimited overseas low cost calls from France

A French telco & ISP is giving away low cost / cheap International phone calls on the purchase of their Internet & Phone & TV for offered Euro 29.99 than one can make unlimited cheap calls to 87 nations and on Indian land lines too : )

This french telecom site is very heavily trafficked site and is promoting its products by giving away cheap international calls from France to the world,

Good low cost calls to make unlimited phone calls to the world from France from a leading French Telco.


SS7-VOIP-OFP-Free calls from cell to cell phones

I discovered after writing this post on OFP that this is a VOIP SCAM so pl beware, read here:

OurFreePhone (OFP): Mobile VOIP / MOIP-Unlimited International Free Voice Calls (via Voice as a data packet over internet)

OFP's motto is: Call the World for Free using smart mobile to smart mobile like Windows based and Symbian operating system based smart mobiles to make an International voice calls for free, for international IM (instant messaging) / chat you can use java based smart mobile handsets,

1. 3G/HSDPA or 2.7G connectivity is needed (or Wi-fi / broadband hotspot is needed) on smart mobile handsets (Windows based and Symbian(ver 3.0 , S-60) operating system) to make free OFP-OFP: mobile to mobile voice calling anywhere in the world, (works like Fring or barablu or Truphone etc)...INDIA STILL HAVE 3G/HSDPA only on MTNL's JADOO, so tough job to hold VOIP free call market in India, right now : (

2. For mobile to mobile (Java / Windows / Symbian smart mobiles) SMS / Text / chat / IM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G etc are sufficient,

3. OurFreePhone (OFP) software need to be downloaded on compatible handsets to make free voice call or data chat / IM

4. 15 days free trial pack comes to make unlimited free International voice calls / chat / SMS,

This Italy based VOIP telecom co. OurFreePhone (OFP): is the VERY part of and just made a soft launch in India (where there mobility has reached as a mania) on anuary11, 2009, it also has its presence in these countries right now:

Italy (Home Country), Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Gulf), Bahrain, Germany, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Philippines, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Romania and adding new countries,

This site supports many languages like English, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese,

OFP claims itself to be the very first & only telecom / phone VOIP company which is paying its users to talk or make a VOIP call that’s too for free on its software supported smart mobiles (Java / Windows / Symbian smart mobiles) on 3G/HSDPA network for voice calls and EDGE / GPRS etc for sms / chat / IM etc.

OFP is using the new generation SS7 (Signaling system7, optical fiber cable to terminate its VOIP Calls) cables technology under the sea / underground, to provide peer to peer (P2P) VoIP cheap to free mobile calling which is said to given much better voice clarity and quality even good than Skype VoIP brand leader : )

The OFP enterprise VOIP servers are right now rout outgoing VOIP calls / work from US, Austria, Austrian Telecom and VOIP calls are routed via Austria.. so Austrian Telecom pays Indian and Int'l telcos, the call termination charges, OFP has invested on networks and equipments etc, $40 millions to make their international VOIP calls Wi-Fi / Wi-Max enabled,

OFP - CEO is Antonio GrassoAntoni, the parent's company Seven Rings International's President is Elia De Prisco,

It seems they are eying VOIP brand leader Skype which has approx till now 20 million global VOIP subscribers, E-Bay's (Estonia based) Skype VOIP SIP / SOFTPHONE is the most popular VOIP gadget in the world, and now OFP seems to all set to challenge Skype via its MOIP / Mobile VOIP, mobile to mobile free VOIP unlimited International calls : )

Try yourself, it is free for 15 days... Link removed as it no more works,

OFP Appreciation program:

Italy based OFP OurFreePhone has a network marketing or M-L-M (Multi Level Marketing) or many know this as chain marketing plan to get paid / compensate its brand VOIP leaders who are promoting this VOIP company which is providing free calls on mobile to mobile anywhere just like FRING!

But what we think is VOIP is the future and its great to have this OFP presence, but network marketing, I doubt will work, as ultimately many M-L-Ms proved to be illegal Pon-zy schemes, time will tell, so take good care before making investment in the companies which claims to get you paid via network marketing, though no harm to use VOIP free calls between OFP-OFP users : ) Free is good,


Qtel: Shahry Unlimited Free Call

Qatar / Doha: Qtel's Shahry One Free Number Pay Monthly mobile phone account (Shahry Value Pack plans) is now a BIG hit in Gulf's-Doha / Qatar.

Shahry's (means MONTHLY in Arabic language) value pack plan offers a range of mobile lifestyle plans to suit the needs of all which includes, its customers to make a choice of any one free phone number (mobile or land line) on which they may make the unlimited free phone call forever, Qtel's Shahry is also presenting call minutes, MMS and SMS / Text etc.

Qtel / Shahry's unlimited free phone calls One Free Number calling service means is only meant for the customers living in Qatar.



Yemen to Palestine, Free Phone Calling

Call for free / Free call from phone: Yemen to Palestine, in Middle East conflict / disturbed peace and tranquility between Israeli forces and Gaza Strip / Lebanon, now the telecom and information ministry of Yemen has declared that ALL calls from Yemen to Palestinian territories will be free of tariff or any charge.

Thora newspaper press release revealed that free phone calls from Yemen - Palestine are to support, "Palestinian brothers subjected to the Israel's offensive in Gaza".... and this is due to the political leadership / Presidents' political will...


Speech to Text Transcription: On Board Voice Call Alternative!

Voice To Text on-Board / In-Flight:

Do not type texts just speak them and let them fly : ) Nice solution for busy or very busy persons on the go or in the mid air...

SpinVox is UK / British technology company; they claim to be the very first in unique service of converting voicemails into the text messages, via the technology of speech to text transcription / speech recognition.