FBI warning for VoIP-Voice Phishing or Vishing on PBX

VoIP-Voice Phishing-Vishing at PBX: FBI Warns

Oh No! My God this is VISHING (no, I spelled it correctly, it is not, 'wishing'), after Phishing, attacks now the concept of Vishing has arrived in the Digital Age 2.0 ! Phishing is the rerouting somebody to a fake website by sending him a mail / web link, which pretends to be the from some Bank, financial institution or some genuine organization, but that mail contains the fake web link of the senders' fraud site instead of the original Bank or institution, which is intend to steal the web goers user ID, password etc.

So never click a link within any email to login sensitive or financial data, just instead type the data in the browser directly than login to not to be the victim of phishing scams!

But what is Vishing now? Well, hackers, crackers and online fraudsters are always one step ahead in the technology game!

Vishing, according to the Wikipedia is nothing but ..."the criminal practice of using social engineering over the telephone system, most often using features facilitated by Voice over IP (VoIP), to gain access to private personal and financial information from the public for the purpose of financial reward. The term is a combination of "voice" + phishing" = Vishing!


FBI just warned about the increased of Vishing Attacks on PBX / Asterisk software convergence etc (as we know, Asterisk is a free software which converges PBX systems with VoIP digital web voice calls):





We at Talkfree7 issue a warning/appeal to our avid global readers to get alerted of such kind of VoIP Vishing attacks / scams and try to be vigilant!




VoIP Spam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VoIP_spam

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