Unlimited free international roaming at Saudi Arabia during Hajj

Du, the leading telecom provider of UAE / Dubai / Gulf is offering the totally UNLIMITED free international roaming calls / free incoming phone calls (with any network, no incoming IDD charges) in the month of Holy Hajj Mabroor / Haj in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its mobile prepaid and post paid customers during the period 27 November -20 December 2008.


Just to recall that international roaming is very expensive still in these days where VoIP is in its full swing and UAE is one of the nation where the VoIP companies like Skype too are being blocked so the customers can not make Internet cheap calls, so freeing the international roaming in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during Hajj month is a happy lifetime moment for the Hajjis (Hajj pilgrim’s) of UAE during this long period : )

Like holy month of Ramadan / Ramzan, Haj / Hajj pilgrimage too is the very auspicious and pious Muslim ritual and UAEs Du is offering the free incoming call facility to its customers s is a wonderful gesture, Hajj (Mecca / Makka / Medina..) is the journey or rather a cherished goal of lifetime for each and every Muslim around the world : )




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