Samsung Mobile-Skydive for Guinness World Record

Extreme Texting: SMS @ freefall skydiving above 12,000 feet of the ground, outside the Los Angeles city, USA

The world is wireless & weird, the world is mobile, the whole of the world seems to be getting MAD, sans boundaries and do human life is only made for a Guinness world record (London)?!

I am thrilled to read this piece of wireless world daring task, doing SMS / Text Messaging in the Air in open blues while taking a FREE FALL pro skydive from the plane just to set the world record of fastest text messaging while skydiving in the skies!

Oh my god, I can not believe, this is not National Geographic-Most Daring Moments but this REALITY SHOW is performed by the Samsung Mobile USA champs (pro skydivers)are doing this in the daring Video, see yourself but do not try to do this (they are veterans & trained professionals), it could be extremely dangerous! They are promoting latest text messaging Samsung Mobiles in the thin air!



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