In wake of Mumbai Terror Attack, make Free Calls from UK to India, Next 3 Days...

Mumbai Terror Attack: Free Call-UK-India, Next 3 Days...

Mumbai had just overcame one of the world's worst ever Islamic fundamentalists' Jehadis' (do Islam ever permitted this killing of innocents in the name of Jihad / Jehad?) suicidal terrorist serial attacks in the world history, on Taj Hotel, Trident Oberoi Hotel and Nariman Point House etc, in which hundreds of innocent guys were brutally killed and many more injured, Talkfree7 is deeply shocked and have deep sympathies, we pray to Almighty! Our sincere Salutes for the brave commandos of India who gave their lives to save ourselves : )

Vectone Mobile is one of the Europe's leading telco and a mobile network operator (MVNO) having presence in Holland (The Netherlands), Denmark, Norway, Spain (coming soon) and Sweden.

Well, Vectone do not has a helpline for Mumbai attacks but definitely they are helping and Vectone Calling Cards offers a Zero Rate (0 p / min) for first 1000 minutes on any calls to whole of the India (not only Mumbai / Bombay) for next 3 days via ‘Chillitalk’ (cheaper than a calling card). Vectone choose this as these calling cards are widely sell in U.K., available at 33,000+ stores having E-pay or Payzone signs.

This Vectone humble humanitarian step to make free phone call via its calling cards will definitely help the many U.K. families / friends to make a free call to INDIA and to know the information of their loved ones.

But to make free India phone call you have to buy minimum GBP5 E-Voucher calling card. By using this, you are allowed to make FREE calls to India for zero cost for first 1000 minutes from UK, (local rate access call may apply too).


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