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South Africa based is a mobile phone free software application which (works via Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, broadband internet) allows anybody to make a free mobile peer to peer (P2P) VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) calls / sms / chat-IM to any other Yeigo users anywhere in the world! Just have to download this Ii’ll piece of mobile VoIP software on your mobile phone. Yeigo VoIP mobile software app is free to download and install.

International roaming means nothing here when you use Yeigo to Yeigo free mobile VoIP Phone calls anywhere in the world.

Mobile-IM / Chat supported platforms are: ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Skype Facebook, QQ, Jabber etc

Yeigo also supports cheap international call, texting, IM by mobile phone to another NON Yeigo global landline / wireless- GSM mobile phone users; they rightly say that this mobile VoIP software is an end of the paid mobile phone communication.

Yeigo has its own and an independent service and P2P servers, thus this mobile VoIP s not attached to any other VoIP services like SKYPE THE GLOBAL KING OF VOIP COMMUNICATIONS.

Yeigo has a unique feature called as HOLLER which enables us to let our friends know when we are online, while they are not. Just like the paging system.

The best thing about this great mobile VoIP application software is that it supports many smart mobiles / mobile phone handsets and devices like Nokia's Symbian OS, Windows OS supported mobiles (I-Mate, HTC, Qtek, Samsung, HP, Motorola, Palm phones), also there is Yeigo Lite is for Java enabled mobiles handsets etc. So virtually every mobile handset is covered here and is compatible to download the free Yeigo VoIP mobile software!

Thus this mobile VoIP converts your mobile phone into a full fledge VoIP digital machine which could help you to make free VoIP calls all over the world 24 x 7, seamlessly with any Yeigo users and cheap mobile VoIP call / IM / Chat / Text – SMS to a NON Yeigo user.

Finally the quality of free mobile VoIP calls are nice, no complaints, my 100 points to Yeigo : )


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