Mobile Phone - VOIP - Call - Tracing: A Tough Task

Nov 2008 - Remember MumbaiNation - India Hijacked by sheer 10(?) guys: 59 Hours between Tigers (security forces, the black cat commandos) & Triggers (terrorists) - How the Technology was used and misused:

The terrorism had now entered into the Digital Age (Terror 2.0) of our times! I was reading above article on New York Times and was thinking on that how technology unfolded and (mis)used in the recent Mumbai terror massacre by the MOST COWARD terrorists on the global innocent!

The technology too had the darker side like anything on this earth and when it comes to the misuse of it, than it rather makes the life worst to be a human!

Many tech innovation, gadgets & gizmos, sophisticated electronic gadgets & arms were converged in the act of ghastly and condemning terror game in Mumbai, terrorists used every tech device and application to bring terror on fore like, GPS Navigation system, UAE based company Thuraya's - Satellite Phones (Sat Phones, which works as modems), Mobile Phones, Blackberries Web servers, Global SIM cards, Live TV channels, VOIP phone calls, Hotels' CCTV control room CCTV, Wi-Fi hotspot /network,Google Earth, Indian maps & images on high resolution CDs-DVDs, E mail (proxy) servers of different countries to hide actual IPs...can you think that this all drama could go well without these devices? They were much advanced with wireless technologies than their counterpart the police!

Bloggers and Twitters globally too unfolded the updates minute by minute, thanks to the technology again! But showing live TV coverage of the whole drama made the things worst for the guests and guys trapped inside, media role was just bad in a self generated competition to go ahead of the counterparts or other TV channels : (

Thanks to the India's top security brass, The Black Cat Commandos (NSG) and various other forces of India, but the NSG guys too should be well equipped with many of these technological passive night vision device, blast proof eye wear, hands free communication helmet, body camera, caviler tactical gloves, nomex (flame resistant) overall, level 3 bullet-proof jacket etc etc,and every thing is available in the world but the Government of India seems in a NO mood to provide better arms and tech ammunition to its forces, its wonder and shame on the politicians too : (

So each and everything was going very planned (from both sides) like the 007 James Bond film and all amazing gizmos and gadgets, each and every aspect of the technology was touched by the culprits, which was used to take the human lives!

The technological warfare is so complex ed and crucial nowadays that only a few countries like US, UK, Israel etc have an expertise and an edge in this arena and many developed and developing nations still feel helpless to make the use of it,

The Indian security agencies are now going through the Roman & Latin to unfold / decode / track/ trace the VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) voice calls made by the terrorists, really a tough and complex thing, though its easy to tapp or make a surveillance of ordinary mobile calls but really tough to track Mobile to VoIP or vice versa calls like via Skype, Vonage etc.

VOIP call is many times cheap and free unlimited and the best thing is it is hard to tapp or detect and not easy to monitor or make a surveillance of it! in VOIP the voice communication are done via using the Internet as opposed to the conventional phone system / mobile phones, VoIP providers like Skype and Vonage and many permits us to make a free unlimited international call over VoIP anywhere in the world for free using internet gateways…

New York Times explained VoIP complexity:

..."An agency using conventional tracing techniques to track a call from a land line or cellphone to a VoIP subscriber would be able to get only as far as the switching station that converts the voice call into Internet data, communications experts said. The switch usually owned and operated by the company providing the VoIP service could be located thousands of miles from the subscriber.
The subscriber’s phone number would also likely reveal no information about his location. For instance, someone in New York could dial a local phone number but actually be connected via the Internet to a person in Thailand."...

So one can clearly understand the complex tech involved in VOIP phone calls and why they are hard to trace that is why VOIP is very fast becoming the best communication tool for the underworld or global black dogs!

Excerpts from New York Times again:

…"To determine the location of a VoIP caller, an investigating agency has to access a database kept by the service provider. The database logs the unique numerical identifier, known as an Internet Protocol (I.P.) address, of whatever device the subscriber was using to connect to the Internet. This could be a computer equipped with a microphone, a special VoIP phone, or even a cellphone with software that routes calls over the Internet using wireless connections as opposed to cellular signals.
It would then take additional electronic sleuthing to determine where the device was located. The customer’s identity could be obtained from the service provider as well, but might prove fraudulent, experts said.
Getting the I.P. address and then determining its location can take days longer than a standard phone trace, particularly if service providers involved are in a foreign country.
“Ultimately, we can trace them,” said Mr. Gafoor, referring to VoIP calls. “It takes a little longer, but we will trace them.” Washington is assisting the Indian authorities"....Further complicating this task is the fact that I.P. addresses change frequently and are less tied to a specific location than phone numbers."....

Talkfree7 already had many times right fully reiterated that the WIRELESS is the future, either way for the good or unfortunately for the bad equally!

But we do believe in Gods too and know that the REAL life always had superseded over the second life or the mechanical or virtual life and this Earth is always meant for the good guys - survival of the fittest, so no place here for the weak guys here like the slain terrorists etc who do not even have the spine : (


Anonymous said...

Technology has both positive and negative affects. It becomes responsibility of each and every citizen to support the war against terror. Hope you have read the open letter to PM from TOI editor.

We citizens are not at all sure what we are doing, whom we have to vote, what is going to be the fate of this country.

One ray of hope with us is Obama. He has to start war against terror, in other words - Pak and save India.

Please take the survey -- and spread the word...

kartikshradha said...

Thanks Dear Pavan (, Talkfree7 do agree with you 100%

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