Kuwait to Saudi Arabia: Local Call + Free Call Package


Good News on Hajj Month for Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Telecom subscribers:

Kuwait: KTC (Kuwait Telecom Company) new brand VIVA (3rd telco in Kuwait) in Kuwait had just initiated their telecom services in Kuwait and it was done by receiving the international and also the landlines calls for FREE of cost in Kuwait!

Viva recently had officially started registration of mobile numbers in Kuwait.

Viva customers in Kuwait will receive free international phone calls and would receive the phone calls from landline phones free. All Viva consumers would receive free calls for 3 initial months. After 3 months of having free calls all the consumers who have a monthly package, than their call will be free after 5 minutes of calling.

The best thing is here which is NOT the least, the international call via Viva's telecom network to Saudi Telecom's carriers would be charged as the LOCAL CALL, yeah Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, on a local call charges with ViVa telecom! Good Luck KUWAIT...This is the very beginning of the telecom era : )





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