INDIA is 3G - MTNL starts Mobile Video Surveillance

India: MTNL the State telecom provider for the lifeline of Mumbai and Delhi is going to launch its 3G mobile phone services in India for the first time, this Dec 11, 2008.

Talkfree7 welcomes the 3G-INDIA mobility, a new beginning in the field of telecom and communications : )

MTNL would start its 3G mobile services by launching the mobile video surveillance services (this move is to help the much metros' burdened police-security personals to monitor the movements on the go via mobile phones) on December 11. Mobile video surveillance embedded with the CCTVs technology is good to use for the better security management in Delhi and Mumbai where MTNL do exists.

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In mobile video surveillance service the cameras would be attached via WiFi wireless links / or landline phones, than they may be further linked to a 3G mobile handsets-wirelessly!

Just to recall that the mobile Video surveillance services are only could be done via high bandwidth (nice pic quality video needs minimum 380 kbps speed), that’s why the 3G services are the best for it, 3G or Third generation telecom services has the speed of approx 2 Mbps or so like the landline broadband network! So 3G could be said as virtually the mobile broadband network!


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