Free TalkTime from MicroSoft - Live Search - Contest

Microsoft India has an interesting promo / FREE contest to promote its LIVE SEARCH (as we know that Google is the brand leader of search engine tech and rules the virtual world) and here you can win Free talk time every 10 minutes for Rs 100/-

Free Talk Time Contest Period: December 04, 2008 to January 03, 2009

Country Targeted: India

Prizes: 1. Oxigen cash vouchers = Rs 100 for both the dice roll and the random prize.
2. Café Coffee day vouchers for the 5 (maximum) best slogans everyday that come through a completely filled feedback form.

T & C:

After making a live search on the MSN the two dice will roll on the top of the screen, when / if you get 6 x 6 than you are the winners of free talk time promo contest, the fastest in 10 minutes to get a 6 on 6 dice.


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