Free Mobile VoIP Call: Fring for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

How to do Free Mobile VoIP Calls using Fring at Nokia 5800 Xpress Music?

Nokia's latest Music Mania - touch screen - S60 - 3.2"- smart mobile-wireless wonder - Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (iPhone killer or better than Apple's iPhone for me) is one of my favourite mobile handsets and I am waiting for its grand launch in India! Fingers are crossed...I had pre booked it and waiting for its arrival... the Finnish giant Nokia had embedded the touch screen technology to S60 (Symbian60) platform.

But my point of discussion and search is VOIP. I was Google(ing) that how to make free unlimited VOIP mobile calls using Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, i.e. Whether Nokia 5800 Xpress Music supports VOIP / SIP capability or not? It’s a long discussion why Nokia is discouraging VOIP functionality on its smart handsets, (as far as Nokia, for VOIP / SIP use, many guys still prefer Nokia E71)...In Nokia 5800 Xpress Music,

No problem, Fring for mobiles is here, the Fring is a technology which provides for mobile free call - talk, VOIP / SIP, free chat, free interaction, it’s truly a wireless VOIP free call wonder on mobile handsets.

How Fring Works on Mobile Handsets:

So, I was searching to use free VOIP calls with Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, right now Fring do not support this handset but it promises that it would support Nokia 5800 Xpress Music within a few weeks, vide discussion here, as they already had added Fring to Nokia 5320 Xpress Music so Fring on Nokia 5800 Xpress Music too is coming! (Fring already supports the Apple's iPhone to call free VoIP iPhone to Skype contacts).

Fring had just announced that Fring for mobiles is now available for the OS (operating systems): Symbian 9.3 and these mobile phone handsets too are now Fring ready: Nokia N78, 6550, 6210, 6220 and 5320 - all of which are Symbian 9.3 devices…

Update: Fring for Nokia 5800XM is now in beta, you can send a request to be the part of Fring's beta testing here, send a mail: [email protected] and they will send you the 5800 version


Read the 'comments' on this above referred fring blog's URL, a guy at comment #18 & 20 asked about the availability of Fring VOIP software on Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and Omri from Fring had replied as, "We should have a version ready in the next few weeks. We are working on it / soon it’s coming."

...So guys its an official Fring reply that Fring VoIP software for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music too is coming in a few weeks and you can than call free from mobile to the world, just wait and watch as the best is yet to be unfolded!

Youtube Video for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Mobile Phone

More Free VoIP (MoIP) Calls with Mobile Phones:


Samsung Mobile-Skydive for Guinness World Record

Extreme Texting: SMS @ freefall skydiving above 12,000 feet of the ground, outside the Los Angeles city, USA

The world is wireless & weird, the world is mobile, the whole of the world seems to be getting MAD, sans boundaries and do human life is only made for a Guinness world record (London)?!

I am thrilled to read this piece of wireless world daring task, doing SMS / Text Messaging in the Air in open blues while taking a FREE FALL pro skydive from the plane just to set the world record of fastest text messaging while skydiving in the skies!

Oh my god, I can not believe, this is not National Geographic-Most Daring Moments but this REALITY SHOW is performed by the Samsung Mobile USA champs (pro skydivers)are doing this in the daring Video, see yourself but do not try to do this (they are veterans & trained professionals), it could be extremely dangerous! They are promoting latest text messaging Samsung Mobiles in the thin air!



Worldwide mobile Wi-Fi-VoIP for making cheap calls

Wi-Fi - VOIP (MoIP) for Mobile / cheap unlimited (max 3000 minutes per month) cellular Calling

Talkfree7: Do you want unlimited mobile VoIP global calling, unlimited roaming, unlimited long distance and al these for just flat monthly price of USD40 a month than defimobile is for you, just sign up and try these cheap calls feature that’s too via Mobile phone using the VOIP.

Bonus is that first 30 days are free to try the cheap international mobile VOIP calls.

Defi mobile VOIP claims that it mobile VOIP service now supports 3,500+ Wi-Fi hotspots and that’s in 18 European countries.

Max usage could be the max 3000 minutes per month and PERHAPS the premium numbers perhaps may not be dialled and PERHAPS the satellite calls too could not be dialled at this cheap cost of telephony....

Nokia N / E series mobile handsets phone supports Defi Mobile VOIP (MoIP).

VOIP Mobile DeFi also has the PBX options & features e.g call waiting....


Unlimited VOIP-Free Calling to USA-Canada

Unlimited Free VoIP Calls to Americas (North America / USA and Canada), This is an Ad supported free VoIP calling service to the US and Canada landline and cellular / mobile phone networks.


VOIP: Free Web Calls: C2C

C2call beta 2
15 dec 2008

C2Call takes the hassle out of saving big on phone bills and gets social media talking...

New API tools also enable social networking sites to start talking, for free...

WERL, GERMANY, 17 Dec. 2008 – C2Call is taking the hassle out of digital phone services for computer users and social communities.

German startup C2Call GmbH,, launched the second beta of C2Call, which allows a computer user to call any other computer user around the world – for free.

C2Call also introduced new APIs, software tools that enable social media sites to add browser-based voice calls to any Web site.

“Instead of tapping out messages to online friends on social media sites, C2Call gets people talking – which helps to increase use of the site,” said Martin Feuerhahn, chief executive officer, C2Call.

“C2Call is spontaneous and simple,” said Feuerhahn. “There is nothing to download. The time when users had to install, configure and update special software, just to make VoIP calls or just to talk only to users on the same service, is over. The genius was to make everything happen in a browser.”

Click here to begin using C2Call:

For users, computer to computer calls made with C2Call are free. Computer to land line and computer to mobile calls cost as little as two cents (Euro) per minute, depending on tariffs – and C2Call displays rates when they apply, as that call is made. There are no connection charges or set-up fees.

To make a call, use the C2Call invite function. This transmits an invitation via email to anybody you want to talk to – and they just click the invitation to start the talking -- without installing software, without having to register with C2Call first.

C2Call is platform independent. It works by temporarily loading a Java widget into Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox when running under the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. The widget establishes a peer-to-peer voice connection that even works behind firewalls.

For web sites that use the developer kit to integrate C2Call, the API supports secure single sign on, instant messaging, call forwarding, address books, call reports, and more. Sites may customize the user interface to add pay-per-click premium services, pre-paid calling plans and calls to landline and mobile/cell phones, extending use of the site to the offline world. The developer kit is free. Developers may access the C2Call server for testing for €99. A monthly subscription for a site to use C2Call is €199.

About C2Call

C2Call is a privately-held startup spun out in May 2008 from Actai Networks Pte Ltd.. Actai launched the first public beta of C2Call in April 2008.


Martin Feuerhahn
C2Call GmbH.
GSM.: +(49) 178 417 1523
Phone: +(49) 2922 8703-650
Fax: +(49) 2922 8703-652

Jaxtr VoIP: Unlimited Free Calls-Worldwide

Jaxtr YouTube Video:

Jaxtr's VOIP Launches new Free Call service FreeConnect (Jaxtr-Jaxtr VOIP Free unlimited international phone calls, mobile or landline, no Internet access needed - LOCAL CALL CHARGES / national long distance will apply):

Telecom and VOIP Pundits / experts around the globe are stunned and wondering how Jaxtr would make money or at least survive / recover its cost (with no Ads support biz model) of providing free phone calls to international users, what is their business model? is a known brand in communications and voice VOIP industry and it offers free voice phone calls and free text- sms, ping messages, other social networking features (via a local number mapping) to the world to any mobile or landline phone. They also offer click to call widget which could be easily embedded into any blog or website to dial free call directly from a web page.

No software to download for making a totally free VOIP international call, no Wi-Fi is needed, just link / register your phone number for free and start making international free calls to Jaxtr members worldwide.

Jaxtr is better than VoIP leader Skype in a way that it allows its customers to make free call to any phone, landline or mobile with no software download or internet access, even no calling cards or no hassle of PIN numbers is here, if this is true, than its great though hard to believe : )


Nimbuzz VoIP and Spice Mobile Join Hands

India: NIMBUZZ VoIP-Spice Mobile Join Hands

Talkfree7 received Nimbuzz VoIP Press Release as:


Partnership brings pre-installed IM and Social Networking capabilities to Spice Mobiles users

17th December 2008 – Rotterdam - Nimbuzz (, the most comprehensive mobile instant messaging, (geo) presence and VoIP provider has agreed to a major distribution deal with Spice Mobiles, leader in innovative handsets in India. New Spice Mobile handsets will have the Nimbuzz application pre-installed for users to chat, message and send files on the go; and Spice Mobiles becomes a major distribution partner to join Nimbuzz’s global Manufacturer Affiliate Program.

From December most of the new Java and Windows Mobile handsets will be rolled out to the Indian market via Spice Mobiles’ approximately 25,000 retail outlets with the full Nimbuzz communication portfolio installed.

The addition of Nimbuzz will be announced to Spice Mobile customers by a multi-territory marketing campaign including Nimbuzz logos, links and service description on the Spice Mobiles website, POS promotions, and links to Nimbuzz on its WAP Portal.

Nimbuzz CEO Evert-Jaap Lugt commented: “We are growing at a record pace, adding around 20,000 new users per day. Our community appeals to handset manufacturers as they benefit from global and local IM and Social Network community integration and comprehensive feature set - at a substantially accelerated speed to market, and without incurring additional overhead costs. This deal ensures significant market penetration for Nimbuzz across the APAC territories and we will be working closely with Spice Mobiles to encourage future shipment of new handsets.”

The Spice Mobiles deal is a global contract. In addition to India, pre-installed Spice Mobiles devices will be sold in other APAC territories. Customers will be able to communicate with the growing community of Nimbuzz subscribers in over 200 countries, using Nimbuzz for features such as social networking, instant messaging, location- and file sharing. Gartner expects India’s mobile user base of around 300 million to reach 737 million by 2012. Price Waterhouse Coopers reports the Indian mobile VAS market will reach $2 billion by the end of 2008 and expect it to account for 18% of operator revenue by 2010.

Spice Mobiles CEO, Kunal Ahooja, said: “With soaring mobile usage and penetration, the Indian VAS market is witnessing remarkable growth. As the mobile handset is increasingly becoming the device of choice when it comes to accessing multitude of applications and VAS, our innovations and offerings bundled with our phones support our mission to provide our consumers a more engaging and fulfilling experience. We turn to leading technology providers such as Nimbuzz to add the best value services, such as instant messaging and social networking, to our devices.”

Media Kit:

About Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz offers the most comprehensive social interaction service combining Instant Messaging, (geo) presence, and VoIP. The free application is available on the mobile, PC and web, for instant messaging, location sharing, (group) calling, and file sharing across popular communities, including Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, AIM, and social networks including Facebook and MySpace.

About Spice Mobiles

Spice Mobiles Ltd. is a part of Spice Corp, a multi-faceted group with an exclusive telecom eco-system in India. With “Innovation” as the company’s mantra, Spice began the process of revolutionizing the Communication & Entertainment sector, with its new age technologically advanced state of the art mobile phones. Spice Mobiles is the proud winner of the Golden Peacock Award for innovative product / service for the year 2007. Spice Mobiles added more firsts to its credit by announcing the Global premier of the World’s First Movie Phone and Peoples’ phone at the World Mobile Congress, Barcelona in February 2008.

US and Canada, free VoIP phone calling using internet

US-Canada-Free Call: VOIP-Phone Internet

VoIP-Phone Internet: free web voice calls from can be done in US and Canada for free, so it allows upto 3 minutes of free calls (you are allowed to call again after 3 minute of free call disconnects) in North America and Canada! No software download is needed to make the free North America / Canada calls. This also provides for the voicemail and voicemail-to-email facility.

These free calls are Ads based so you have to force hear a short family Ad before the free phone call begins, this is to help in the cost cutting to iCall - VOIP.

iCall free call widget for desktop / computer-PC-Laptop:

iCall Free Calls using Apple iPhone:


Send Free SmS: Text Spoof-Fake SMS From Web

Send Free SmS / Text Spoof-Fake SMS From Internet

My Friend Pavan has to tell the world how to send free international sms / text using the internet and make a fun with anyone by sending him / her a fake or spoof sms message across the globe including India.

Only 3 Free SMS can be send during a day, Thanks Pavan!

Change Your Caller ID

Cell phones to Skype Free Calling

Mobile To Skype-VoIP-Free Calling

Itwire broke a nice VOIP news and claims that for the very first time in the world, 28Tel (LinkWell company), a Hong Kong based VoIP call provider has released a service for its mobile communication customers: the free mobile to Skype calls! Now 28TEL mobile communication customers can make a free call to any online Skype worldwide users, directly with their mobiles!

28Tel's, Mobile 2 Skype application is good for any type of cell phones globally and works with any worldwide carrier, they claim! Also no special hardware or any software downloads / installation is needed. Currently the Linkwell's / 28TEL users have a free access to use the Mobile 2 Skype free calls.

To recall that 28Tel currently is available only to few select Asian and US countries, viz.: USA (North America) & Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and (Pinoy) Philippines.



Skype for windows mobile :

FBI warning for VoIP-Voice Phishing or Vishing on PBX

VoIP-Voice Phishing-Vishing at PBX: FBI Warns

Oh No! My God this is VISHING (no, I spelled it correctly, it is not, 'wishing'), after Phishing, attacks now the concept of Vishing has arrived in the Digital Age 2.0 ! Phishing is the rerouting somebody to a fake website by sending him a mail / web link, which pretends to be the from some Bank, financial institution or some genuine organization, but that mail contains the fake web link of the senders' fraud site instead of the original Bank or institution, which is intend to steal the web goers user ID, password etc.

So never click a link within any email to login sensitive or financial data, just instead type the data in the browser directly than login to not to be the victim of phishing scams!

But what is Vishing now? Well, hackers, crackers and online fraudsters are always one step ahead in the technology game!

Vishing, according to the Wikipedia is nothing but ..."the criminal practice of using social engineering over the telephone system, most often using features facilitated by Voice over IP (VoIP), to gain access to private personal and financial information from the public for the purpose of financial reward. The term is a combination of "voice" + phishing" = Vishing!

FBI just warned about the increased of Vishing Attacks on PBX / Asterisk software convergence etc (as we know, Asterisk is a free software which converges PBX systems with VoIP digital web voice calls):

We at Talkfree7 issue a warning/appeal to our avid global readers to get alerted of such kind of VoIP Vishing attacks / scams and try to be vigilant!


VoIP Spam:

Mobile Phone - VOIP - Call - Tracing: A Tough Task

Nov 2008 - Remember MumbaiNation - India Hijacked by sheer 10(?) guys: 59 Hours between Tigers (security forces, the black cat commandos) & Triggers (terrorists) - How the Technology was used and misused:

The terrorism had now entered into the Digital Age (Terror 2.0) of our times! I was reading above article on New York Times and was thinking on that how technology unfolded and (mis)used in the recent Mumbai terror massacre by the MOST COWARD terrorists on the global innocent!

The technology too had the darker side like anything on this earth and when it comes to the misuse of it, than it rather makes the life worst to be a human!

Many tech innovation, gadgets & gizmos, sophisticated electronic gadgets & arms were converged in the act of ghastly and condemning terror game in Mumbai, terrorists used every tech device and application to bring terror on fore like, GPS Navigation system, UAE based company Thuraya's - Satellite Phones (Sat Phones, which works as modems), Mobile Phones, Blackberries Web servers, Global SIM cards, Live TV channels, VOIP phone calls, Hotels' CCTV control room CCTV, Wi-Fi hotspot /network,Google Earth, Indian maps & images on high resolution CDs-DVDs, E mail (proxy) servers of different countries to hide actual IPs...can you think that this all drama could go well without these devices? They were much advanced with wireless technologies than their counterpart the police!

Bloggers and Twitters globally too unfolded the updates minute by minute, thanks to the technology again! But showing live TV coverage of the whole drama made the things worst for the guests and guys trapped inside, media role was just bad in a self generated competition to go ahead of the counterparts or other TV channels : (

Thanks to the India's top security brass, The Black Cat Commandos (NSG) and various other forces of India, but the NSG guys too should be well equipped with many of these technological passive night vision device, blast proof eye wear, hands free communication helmet, body camera, caviler tactical gloves, nomex (flame resistant) overall, level 3 bullet-proof jacket etc etc,and every thing is available in the world but the Government of India seems in a NO mood to provide better arms and tech ammunition to its forces, its wonder and shame on the politicians too : (

So each and everything was going very planned (from both sides) like the 007 James Bond film and all amazing gizmos and gadgets, each and every aspect of the technology was touched by the culprits, which was used to take the human lives!

The technological warfare is so complex ed and crucial nowadays that only a few countries like US, UK, Israel etc have an expertise and an edge in this arena and many developed and developing nations still feel helpless to make the use of it,

The Indian security agencies are now going through the Roman & Latin to unfold / decode / track/ trace the VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) voice calls made by the terrorists, really a tough and complex thing, though its easy to tapp or make a surveillance of ordinary mobile calls but really tough to track Mobile to VoIP or vice versa calls like via Skype, Vonage etc.

VOIP call is many times cheap and free unlimited and the best thing is it is hard to tapp or detect and not easy to monitor or make a surveillance of it! in VOIP the voice communication are done via using the Internet as opposed to the conventional phone system / mobile phones, VoIP providers like Skype and Vonage and many permits us to make a free unlimited international call over VoIP anywhere in the world for free using internet gateways…

New York Times explained VoIP complexity:

..."An agency using conventional tracing techniques to track a call from a land line or cellphone to a VoIP subscriber would be able to get only as far as the switching station that converts the voice call into Internet data, communications experts said. The switch usually owned and operated by the company providing the VoIP service could be located thousands of miles from the subscriber.
The subscriber’s phone number would also likely reveal no information about his location. For instance, someone in New York could dial a local phone number but actually be connected via the Internet to a person in Thailand."...

So one can clearly understand the complex tech involved in VOIP phone calls and why they are hard to trace that is why VOIP is very fast becoming the best communication tool for the underworld or global black dogs!

Excerpts from New York Times again:

…"To determine the location of a VoIP caller, an investigating agency has to access a database kept by the service provider. The database logs the unique numerical identifier, known as an Internet Protocol (I.P.) address, of whatever device the subscriber was using to connect to the Internet. This could be a computer equipped with a microphone, a special VoIP phone, or even a cellphone with software that routes calls over the Internet using wireless connections as opposed to cellular signals.
It would then take additional electronic sleuthing to determine where the device was located. The customer’s identity could be obtained from the service provider as well, but might prove fraudulent, experts said.
Getting the I.P. address and then determining its location can take days longer than a standard phone trace, particularly if service providers involved are in a foreign country.
“Ultimately, we can trace them,” said Mr. Gafoor, referring to VoIP calls. “It takes a little longer, but we will trace them.” Washington is assisting the Indian authorities"....Further complicating this task is the fact that I.P. addresses change frequently and are less tied to a specific location than phone numbers."....

Talkfree7 already had many times right fully reiterated that the WIRELESS is the future, either way for the good or unfortunately for the bad equally!

But we do believe in Gods too and know that the REAL life always had superseded over the second life or the mechanical or virtual life and this Earth is always meant for the good guys - survival of the fittest, so no place here for the weak guys here like the slain terrorists etc who do not even have the spine : (

INDIA is 3G - MTNL starts Mobile Video Surveillance

India: MTNL the State telecom provider for the lifeline of Mumbai and Delhi is going to launch its 3G mobile phone services in India for the first time, this Dec 11, 2008.

Talkfree7 welcomes the 3G-INDIA mobility, a new beginning in the field of telecom and communications : )

MTNL would start its 3G mobile services by launching the mobile video surveillance services (this move is to help the much metros' burdened police-security personals to monitor the movements on the go via mobile phones) on December 11. Mobile video surveillance embedded with the CCTVs technology is good to use for the better security management in Delhi and Mumbai where MTNL do exists.

Related Website:

In mobile video surveillance service the cameras would be attached via WiFi wireless links / or landline phones, than they may be further linked to a 3G mobile handsets-wirelessly!

Just to recall that the mobile Video surveillance services are only could be done via high bandwidth (nice pic quality video needs minimum 380 kbps speed), that’s why the 3G services are the best for it, 3G or Third generation telecom services has the speed of approx 2 Mbps or so like the landline broadband network! So 3G could be said as virtually the mobile broadband network!


Kuwait to Saudi Arabia: Local Call + Free Call Package

Good News on Hajj Month for Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Telecom subscribers:

Kuwait: KTC (Kuwait Telecom Company) new brand VIVA (3rd telco in Kuwait) in Kuwait had just initiated their telecom services in Kuwait and it was done by receiving the international and also the landlines calls for FREE of cost in Kuwait!

Viva recently had officially started registration of mobile numbers in Kuwait.

Viva customers in Kuwait will receive free international phone calls and would receive the phone calls from landline phones free. All Viva consumers would receive free calls for 3 initial months. After 3 months of having free calls all the consumers who have a monthly package, than their call will be free after 5 minutes of calling.

The best thing is here which is NOT the least, the international call via Viva's telecom network to Saudi Telecom's carriers would be charged as the LOCAL CALL, yeah Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, on a local call charges with ViVa telecom! Good Luck KUWAIT...This is the very beginning of the telecom era : )


Free TalkTime from MicroSoft - Live Search - Contest

Microsoft India has an interesting promo / FREE contest to promote its LIVE SEARCH (as we know that Google is the brand leader of search engine tech and rules the virtual world) and here you can win Free talk time every 10 minutes for Rs 100/-

Free Talk Time Contest Period: December 04, 2008 to January 03, 2009

Country Targeted: India

Prizes: 1. Oxigen cash vouchers = Rs 100 for both the dice roll and the random prize.
2. Café Coffee day vouchers for the 5 (maximum) best slogans everyday that come through a completely filled feedback form.

T & C:

After making a live search on the MSN the two dice will roll on the top of the screen, when / if you get 6 x 6 than you are the winners of free talk time promo contest, the fastest in 10 minutes to get a 6 on 6 dice.


Mobile VoIP: Make Free Call & Texts, IM : Yeigo

South Africa based is a mobile phone free software application which (works via Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, broadband internet) allows anybody to make a free mobile peer to peer (P2P) VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) calls / sms / chat-IM to any other Yeigo users anywhere in the world! Just have to download this Ii’ll piece of mobile VoIP software on your mobile phone. Yeigo VoIP mobile software app is free to download and install.

International roaming means nothing here when you use Yeigo to Yeigo free mobile VoIP Phone calls anywhere in the world.

Mobile-IM / Chat supported platforms are: ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Skype Facebook, QQ, Jabber etc

Yeigo also supports cheap international call, texting, IM by mobile phone to another NON Yeigo global landline / wireless- GSM mobile phone users; they rightly say that this mobile VoIP software is an end of the paid mobile phone communication.

Yeigo has its own and an independent service and P2P servers, thus this mobile VoIP s not attached to any other VoIP services like SKYPE THE GLOBAL KING OF VOIP COMMUNICATIONS.

Yeigo has a unique feature called as HOLLER which enables us to let our friends know when we are online, while they are not. Just like the paging system.

The best thing about this great mobile VoIP application software is that it supports many smart mobiles / mobile phone handsets and devices like Nokia's Symbian OS, Windows OS supported mobiles (I-Mate, HTC, Qtek, Samsung, HP, Motorola, Palm phones), also there is Yeigo Lite is for Java enabled mobiles handsets etc. So virtually every mobile handset is covered here and is compatible to download the free Yeigo VoIP mobile software!

Thus this mobile VoIP converts your mobile phone into a full fledge VoIP digital machine which could help you to make free VoIP calls all over the world 24 x 7, seamlessly with any Yeigo users and cheap mobile VoIP call / IM / Chat / Text – SMS to a NON Yeigo user.

Finally the quality of free mobile VoIP calls are nice, no complaints, my 100 points to Yeigo : )


Free phone to phone long distance calls and texts by Tabrio

Digital and Mobile Media: Tabrio (a Canada based Verb Exchange, Inc company) is one of my favourite telecom site which offers free voice, 30 minutes mobile or landline trial call, that’s too phone to phone rather than pc to phone free calls, around the world, or else you can try 20 international /global texts for free...this is very easy to use, Tabrio is is VoIP and much better than a VoIP : )

Free-Phone to Phone-Long Distance-Text, Try Tabrio

Nothing to download or no credit card required trying free Tabrio international phone to phone calls just fill a 4 line online form and you are ready to call the world for free! No catch, my promise : )

Try free call internationally before you actually go for cheap Tabrio mobile calls, I tried this free international phone call in India and it connects two mobiles, landline or as such and one could make a cheap call with

So guys try an international / national long distance, local phone - phone free calling, if you like than you may opt a cheap calling plan from Tabrio : )

Try VoIP Tabrio for Free SMS / International Calls (promo offer), No Download or Credit Card etc required, It works wonder, Try for free 30 minutes International / long distance calls or 20 free global SMS / TEXT:

In wake of Mumbai Terror Attack, make Free Calls from UK to India, Next 3 Days...

Mumbai Terror Attack: Free Call-UK-India, Next 3 Days...

Mumbai had just overcame one of the world's worst ever Islamic fundamentalists' Jehadis' (do Islam ever permitted this killing of innocents in the name of Jihad / Jehad?) suicidal terrorist serial attacks in the world history, on Taj Hotel, Trident Oberoi Hotel and Nariman Point House etc, in which hundreds of innocent guys were brutally killed and many more injured, Talkfree7 is deeply shocked and have deep sympathies, we pray to Almighty! Our sincere Salutes for the brave commandos of India who gave their lives to save ourselves : )

Vectone Mobile is one of the Europe's leading telco and a mobile network operator (MVNO) having presence in Holland (The Netherlands), Denmark, Norway, Spain (coming soon) and Sweden.

Well, Vectone do not has a helpline for Mumbai attacks but definitely they are helping and Vectone Calling Cards offers a Zero Rate (0 p / min) for first 1000 minutes on any calls to whole of the India (not only Mumbai / Bombay) for next 3 days via ‘Chillitalk’ (cheaper than a calling card). Vectone choose this as these calling cards are widely sell in U.K., available at 33,000+ stores having E-pay or Payzone signs.

This Vectone humble humanitarian step to make free phone call via its calling cards will definitely help the many U.K. families / friends to make a free call to INDIA and to know the information of their loved ones.

But to make free India phone call you have to buy minimum GBP5 E-Voucher calling card. By using this, you are allowed to make FREE calls to India for zero cost for first 1000 minutes from UK, (local rate access call may apply too).


Send or receive MMS on any cell phone

Apple iPhone-Send-Receive-MMS at Any Mobile

MMS / Multimedia messaging from Apple iPhone

Amit Bhawani now the leading tech blog of India like Labnol is doing great for the budding global young techies!

Amit has a suggestion and perhaps something for the Apple iPhone users around the Globe, many iPhone users are always got puzzled that how to send MMS or how to receive a MMS using their piece of an Apple (iPhone)?

Sweden based, native SwirlyMMS application works with Apple iPhone firmware 2.x and also with Apple iPhone jailbroken 2G & 3G versions, this iPhone Apple MMS application has yet to make a presence in iPhone Apps. Store as waiting for the bug free certificate from Apple Inc.

This iPhone application is always free to try and just USD8 to use with Apple IPhone.

FAQ SwirlyMMS @Apple iPhone:

SwirlyMMS in China for Apple iPhone to send or receive MMS


Unlimited free international roaming at Saudi Arabia during Hajj

Du, the leading telecom provider of UAE / Dubai / Gulf is offering the totally UNLIMITED free international roaming calls / free incoming phone calls (with any network, no incoming IDD charges) in the month of Holy Hajj Mabroor / Haj in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its mobile prepaid and post paid customers during the period 27 November -20 December 2008.

Just to recall that international roaming is very expensive still in these days where VoIP is in its full swing and UAE is one of the nation where the VoIP companies like Skype too are being blocked so the customers can not make Internet cheap calls, so freeing the international roaming in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during Hajj month is a happy lifetime moment for the Hajjis (Hajj pilgrim’s) of UAE during this long period : )

Like holy month of Ramadan / Ramzan, Haj / Hajj pilgrimage too is the very auspicious and pious Muslim ritual and UAEs Du is offering the free incoming call facility to its customers s is a wonderful gesture, Hajj (Mecca / Makka / Medina..) is the journey or rather a cherished goal of lifetime for each and every Muslim around the world : )



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