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Seems that VoIP free call technology is going by leaps and bounds, each day a new VoIP entrant adds to the galaxy of the free call universe. 

Skype is the Sky and there is no limit and VoIP is making the companies insane and there is immense competition now in this cutting edge technology market. Individuals and companies are getting attracted daily towards the use of VoIP to reduce their expenses and especially in this slow economy environment. 

Well, Germany's Betamax's / VoIPax's is the latest and nascent entry to the world of consumer free calling over the web / IP protocol or simply VoIP. One can make free phone call via net with this site using its VoIP technology. Just put your and destination phone numbers and click connect and Voila, you are connected by way of wireless and talk VoIP to the world : ) what else you need?

No registration, no purchase, no credit card number, no software download nothing is needed to use this amazing free call VoIP service, they are user friendly, just dial and start saying hello and so on...

This is an Ads based and special offers for callers based revenue model which help the freebuzzer guys to recover the VoIP free call cost, not bad : ) 

Free VoIP call to 42+ countries could be dialed from here like to Australia, Israel, UK, Singapore, USA, Canada, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and many European destinations and daily up to 3 international VoIP browser phone calls could be make and one can talk up to 2 minutes each free phone call. 

Sorry guys once again, Gulf and Indian subcontinent are ignored here too; I wonder why VoIP companies ignore this great untouched nascent and virgin market which could be the VoIP goldmine / heaven ultimately from them? This is a million $ question and needs an answer?

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