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Free Social Phone Calls (e-buddies) without giving away your Number: Talk strangers on mobile on go…

VoIP wireless calls or Internet calling to pc or mobile-landline phones is much cheaper and inexpensive so anybody can make a free to cheap calls over the globe using the VoIP way.

Yet another 'killer' start-up beemask.com is providing such free call over VoIP without revealing your actual mobile / phone number so you may call anybody in the world for free with retaining your privacy of your phone number, it is a VoIP social networking / da*ing / spouse calling, but current Beta version of beemask is open to mobile / land line phone numbers from the US right now only,

Now do not chat but talk free unlimited voice calls online for free with VoIP around the world with your hubby / buddies and family,




ty_buchanan said...

This site is a hoax. Beemask sell other things. It does offer VOIP software.

kartikshradha said...

Hi, Thanks for alerting this Blog readers', take care,

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