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An Instant Messenger (IM) based VoIP which alerts incoming toll-free global voice calls…(Phone to instant messenger on PC, receive Free unlimited international Calls via VoIP)

VoIP users and lovers here is an another start up for you (right now this site is down), imvocal as name suggests all this is about voice free international VoIP calling using the internet and phones, globally.

The phone callers residing in the USA (on the go) can make a voice call for free with another imvocal users using VOIP technology and can use any IM client like Yahoo messenger, Google talk, MSN messenger or AIM etc.

In this innovative technology the VoIP route will instantly alert the IMVOCAL user around the globe of an incoming phone call, this is a unique VOIP service which uses Phone to IM (instant messenger) free VoIP calling and the receiver party on the PC has to download nothing to receive the free incoming phone voice cal via imvocal free VOIP call service.

This free call VOIP service is very useful for the netizens who do not wish to reveal their phone numbers or identity or are generally glued to their PC or laptop and love to receive free internet voice calls globally from their family, friends or business contacts etc for an unlimited talk time.

Also this VoIP is also useful for the guys who love to make a call by phone instead of internet or PC to the end user,

In USA, to make this free VoIP, Phone to PC call you have to dial IMVOCAL's toll free access number 1-888-87VOCAL and then you have to provides end user's VOCALID...after that your receiver will receive an incoming phone call alert on his/ her IM and he may take or reject the VoIP voice call from you,

For now this patent pending imvocal has toll free local access phone numbers in these nations: USA, UK, France, Australia, Singapore and Japan (Nippon)that is why these country phone callers can make a free VoIP voice cal to any PC in the world for free using end users imvocal id.

I have though strong doubts that any VoIP can even touch the Skype stronghold for now, eBay's Skype is the KING of VOIP who rules the virtual cals and free skype to skype calls!

Interestingly I am not in the USA or in the imvocal supported country, but in India, to try this service I just called the US toll free imvocal number (+18888786225) from my Skype (on my PC) can you believe it worked for me and perhaps would for you too, so make a VoIP call using phone or Skype to IM (Instant messenger) using imvocal and Skype both : )


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