VoIP-Free Call to US, UK, Holland, Canada, Australia and to 50+ Nations

Thanks Alok R. Saboo for showing this free VoIP calling site that allows international phone callers / users from UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Holland to dial free call / VoIP calls each of 5 minute pulse as many times as you wish to more than 50 countries around the world. 


As you can see India / Pakistan / Gulf / UAE etc callers could not make the free VoIP calls from here, so I could not test this site's authenticity, but US based friend Alok replied me that it works and if it works than really this could be a nice free VoIP / free call gift to all of us VoIP lovers. 

But again I have some doubts as unattractive site design, a rather low Alexa for this site suggest some low traffic there, so I request my keen readers from above mentioned 5 countries to try free VoIP call from this site and post your comment below for the benefit of all of us VoIP lovers. 

Procedure to dial Free VoIP phone calls: Put the number you wish to dial and also your own phone number, Qttel connects you both for a 5 minute VoIP phone call conversation, after 5 minutes you may dial that number again if you wish to talk more via this free VoIP calling way... 

The nice thing about this is that this free VoIP call could be linked to your site / blog / Facebook / MySpace etc via their free call VoIP widget, nothing to be downloaded and no registrations or credit card payment is needed. 

Try this free VoIP and put your comments here to help us all, UNITED WE STAND : )

Cheers : )

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