VoIP-Free Call to US, Canada, 20 Hours Free

Many thanks to the keen VoIP watcher Andyabramson for showing these 2 start-up VoIP Video calling services, many VoIP Pundits / VoIP watchers are seeing them as VoIP Skype killer, but we at Talkfree7 are comfortable that Skype is Skype and the unmatched brand leader in online VoIP industry for its free video conference calling, unlimited and international from Skype to Skype!

Well, the new emerging these 2 VoIP companies are as:

1. SkyStone: www.stonevoice.com (Italy, Europe based, the SkyStone tries to leverage on Skype / P2P technology, and try to connects via SIP / h.323 compatibility, is also the landline / desk phone optimized.

2. Voxox: www.voxox.com (San Diego based VoIP Communication player)

Talkfree7 had researched the net for an exclusive free call offer for its readers by The Mashable, they have a GREAT deal to make 20 hours / 1200 minutes free call (no expiration date) to USA, Canada phone numbers, for the very first 500 guys who would sign up VoxOx Here: so hurry guys.... and do not forget to bookmark us (Talkfree7) we will continuously show you many VoIP unlimited free call deal globally....





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