Universal-VoIP-Global-Phone Numbers: +883-ITU numbers

ONE UNIQUE PHONE NUMBER FOR WORLDWIDE, LIFETIME USE...FOR EVER, Now Call Earth, Not the nations, Forget Roaming : )

Innovation of the century in VoIP / PSTN voice global telecom scene is here:

Just imagine a unique one and only VoIP / PSTN Global phone number that never get changed by crossing international or national boundaries, is it possible, fortunately yes, we are in the very telecom age where distance doe not matter a bit and who cares for the country codes or ISD codes etc.


We are used to make free call over VoIP / Internet and now we would have a global phone number that could be used over VoIP or PSTN, cheers....thanks to the technology by iNum or International number by VoxBone.com

VoxBone are the pioneers in the field of telephony and communications. iNum do not have any connection with existing ISD codes or country codes to dial a call, it consists a new global country code i.e. +883 (starting with 883 the inumbers will have 15 digits) and this code is created by ITU (International Telecommunications Union) which sans geographical boundaries, defined by men : )

Now you can just think of having an iNumber from any nation around the globe via any iNum provider / partner. These global phone numbers are truly global and travel to any nation with you thus ROAMING is in fact means nothing in its true strict sense and the word ROAMING soon will lost its meaning from the international lexicon / Webster dictionary, it seems : )

How to get a free VoIP Global Phone iNumber:



These iNumbers are international and support VoIP calling platform too thus you may call an iNum from any phone number from anywhere and from any nation or the city : )

iNumbers can be dialled from any VoIP network worldwide too like any other PSTN / or any real phone number....

The VoIP providers below are routing VoIP calls to Global Phone Number / iNumber fro free

Gizmo5, Jajah, Mobivox, Rebtel, Ribbit, Truphone, Voipbuster, Voipuser, Voxalot, Voxeo




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