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Skype video calling phone
Make Free and Unlimited Video calls without a computer, via Video Phone:

Finally the most worldwide awaited Skype certified innovation is here, Skype certified ASUS AiGuru SV1 big 7'' TFT-LCD screen, webcam, videophone is now available in US right now, so forget your webcam, PC / Laptop / Computer / Desktop or what you say it, now make free call with Skype VoIP all the world, Internationally with Skype on the go, yeah on the move...


Skype Videophone was the most awaited electronic gizmo for whom the world was waiting eagerly to make a free video conference call on the move, though laptops were there but we know, small is the beautiful : )

Skype-to-Skype video / voice VoIP calls are always free here to like via a PC, just use your existing a/c to login your VoIP Skype and get set go,

ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and also wireless connectivity so it works virtually everywhere on move, in home, in office, in business or wherever you go, if you are in a Wi-Fi Hotspot, use your Skype VoIP videophone over there. This is a mobile device which is Skype certified and is the best thing to make free VoIP Skype video call conferencing (face to face voice calling) over the world and unlimited.

Skype's, ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone is Wi-Fi portable / and works with broadband or a wireless connection. Here you can not dial the emergency call from it as this Skype videophone is not being capable of plugging into the standard telephone socket!

Pictures / videos are crystal clear and appealing and life time experience with Skype VoIP Skype's, ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone, also apart from Skype contacts you can make cheap Skype VoIP call to anyone over the world, any land line or mobile with your Skype out credit.

I am still waiting for this innovative Skype VoIP video free call phone in India soon, this is the thing I am waiting for the last several months : )

ASUS AiGuru SV1 Specifications:

Phone Dimensions:

Height: 253 mm
Width: 202 mm
Depth: 123 mm

1.6 kg

Chargeable battery, talk time / operates approx for 20 minutes,

Picture / Display:

800x480 Pixel 7” TFT-LCD

Camera Resolution:


Ethernet, 802.11 b/g wireless, WiFi, 3.5 mm microphone jack, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port (for service updates), 12V DC power input.

Price in USA:
$ 299


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