How to make free VoIP calling to cell phones and land lines?

Do you remember that just a couple of days back we published about, Israel based VoIP (Ads based) absolutely free call resource, The Poketalk from Parrot Media, global offices at U.S., Israel, Europe, and Japan? Poketalk VoIP provides global free call to 55+ countries of the world from your PC,

VoIP 10 minutes (not unlimited) Free Calls can be made from these countries: to the world but alas Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Gulf VoIP calling is not here : (

• Austria
• Canada + mobile!
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Israel
• Italy
• Japan
• Netherlands
• Singapore + mobile!
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• USA + mobile!

How VoIP Free Calling works, demo video:

Just to remind that the free VoIP Poketalk calls can also be made directly from your Facebook account.

But good news is that for coming Holidays and the Christmas vacations Poketalk has a X-Mas gift, and it has to offer double the free calls i.e. Poketalk free voip calls would be 100 calls a month starting 2008, November 24th - 2008,December 31. i.e. for new registered customers during this period, the free VoIP calls duration will be 1,000 Minutes of VoIP Free Calls Per Month, do you want more? : )

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